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Список объявление в категории Строительные материалы / Двери и окна

  1. 2018-11-19 /

  2. 2018-11-15 /
  3. Okna PVH,osteklenie balkonov i lodzhii`,zhalyuzi,rulonnye shtory,natyazhnye potolki

    2018-08-10 / Vladimir (Vladimirskaya oblast`)
  4. Petli dlya stekla

    2018-08-09 / Kazan`
  5. dveri metalyuks v minske

    2018-08-03 / Dresden
  6. Okna PVH KVE

    2018-07-06 / Rostov-na-Donu

    2018-07-06 / Rostov-na-Donu
  8. Okna PVH REHAU grazio

    2018-07-06 / Rostov-na-Donu
  9. Uznai`te kak privlech` bol`she klientov dlya biznesa!

    2018-06-22 / RњRѕSЃRєRІR°
  10. Vhodnaya dver` Lacio s kovkoi`

    2018-04-11 / Krasnyh Partizan, 117, of.408
  11. Rasprodazha vystavochnyh obrazcov vhodnyh i mezhkomnatnyh dverei`

    2018-04-09 / Krasnodar
  12. Metallicheskie dveri dlya rentgenozaschity

    2018-02-14 / Tver`
  13. Vhodnye i mezhkomnatnye dveri,okna,moskitnye setki.podokonniki

    2017-12-27 / Sevastopol`
  14. Okna PVH, osteklenie lodzhii` i balkonov
    Now excellent time, this time when in the market the product solves little, marketing and packing solves more. I won earlier against goods whose is better, that also has won. Now in many spheres of life goods are almost identical. And buyersknew that most often, expenses for the processes which aren't built up business and internal logistics, end users, that is you pay! We are glad to offer you good windows of popular brands, fast delivery and high-quality installation in the shortest possible time and without overpayments.Due to optimization of many processes, we can offer you windows at the prices at least 5% lower, than in other companies. If you need windows and you want to choose the contractor, contact us and we will discuss details!
    2017-12-19 / Serpuhov
    Now and in Tula the first online network of Glazing of balconies and windows starts a large-scale action: "Glazing of a balcony for 1 ruble!" Manage to participate in an action till December 11 the Best prices across all Russia.
    2017-12-05 / Tula
  16. Online store of doors "7 keys"
    Now many buyers prefer to get expensive, but reliable and beautiful entrance doors. This most reasonable decision for rational arrangement of the house. As such designs quite often differ in long service life and are complemented with different protective locks and latches. Have the strengthened framework and a littleconsolidation layers. Are made out in different popular flowers, often have identical attractive panels from two parties. The wide choice of similar models is presented to companies "7 keys". Products are bought directly from the manufacturing enterprise from Yoshkar-Ola. The company makes services in installation of products in Moscow andareas. The obligatory guarantee and service is provided.
    2017-11-20 / Moskva
  17. Wholesale warehouse shop Konstruktorbay
    The Konstruktorbay company this largest enterprise in Brest engaged wholesale and retail of entrance metal and interroom doors, windows and doors from PVC and the accompanying accessories and also production, insert of accessories and assembly of ready door blocks. Konstruktor.By
    2017-11-09 / Brest
  18. Windows, doors, stained-glass windows, winter gardens, facades
    Canopies from the aluminum shape with the tempered double-glazed windows. Sliding, folding doors, doors book, accordion. The price tag on any prosperity, as well as quality - from usual standard to ideal the VIP.
    2017-10-25 / Krasnodar
  19. Windows of times and on always
    The Imperiya plant offers glazing of your apartments, cottages, balconies, loggias and also hotels and public institutions at the prices of the manufacturing plant. EXCLUSIVELY FACTORY PRODUCTION!!! A wide choice of profile systems from the HOUSE-KEEPER to the Premium class. Variety of forms, wide color palette. Glazing of public institutions withaccounting of requirements for the Available Environment program. A quality assurance on products and installation - 5 years. Guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance. Production of window and door mosquito grids, frame of internal and external slopes. Also the service in repair of your earlier put windows is provided.Competent experts will choose for you the most optimal solution of high-quality glazing. Skilled assemblers will make installation in accordance with GOST in the mildest terms with the minimum concern. Measurement and delivery – it is free! Flexible system of discounts! A special offer for builders! We are sure that at the heart of cooperationwith clients the sincere human relations have to lie. Address us and we won't bring you!
    2017-09-23 / Anapa
  20. Adjustment of plastic windows and doors
    Adjustment of plastic windows and doors. Our company is engaged in repair and adjustment of windows across SPb and the Leningrad Region. Skilled crew of masters will perform inspection, adjustment of windows (doors), will replace sealant (elastic band), will replace a double-glazed window and will make painting of a profile. Affordable prices. Instant departure of the master.
    2017-09-05 / Sankt-Peterburg
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