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Список объявление в категории Строительство и Отделка / Дизайн и архитектура

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  6. Izgotovlenie hudozhestvennyh vitrazhei` vo Vladivostoke!

    2018-10-03 / Vladivostok
  7. Aleksandrovskie chugunnye lestnicy

    2018-08-23 / Novocherkassk
  8. Samara Ne gosudarstvennaya jekspertiza proektnoi` dokumentacii

    2018-08-20 / Samara
  9. Ne gosudarstvennaya jekspertiza proektnoi` dokumentacii v Samare

    2018-07-02 / Samara
  10. Kovanye jelementy. Optovye ceny. Dostavka po rossii.

    2018-06-29 / Kazan`
  11. Posadka cvetov.Landshaftnyi` dizai`n.

    2018-04-29 / Kirov
  12. Blagoustroi`stvo territorii. Ukladka asfal`ta

    2018-03-25 / Krasnodar
  13. Rospis` sten, graffiti na zakaz. Krym

    2018-02-12 / YAlta
  14. Interior salon the Fifth element interior design, shop of wall-paper in Yaroslavl
    The interior salon the Fifth element will execute interior design of apartments, country houses, restaurants and offices in Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl region. The interior salon the Fifth element is the team of professional designers and masters. Main directions of our work: interior design, repair and construction works, dressing of an interior,private interiors, business interiors, textile design, landscaping. In our shop of wall-paper - a wide choice of wall-paper of the Italian, German, Dutch, French, Korean, American, Canadian and Russian producers. Wide choice of wall-paper of Grandeco, Marburg, Rasch, Paravox, A.S. Creation, Zambaiti, Modello Otti, Estro, Erismannand many others. Low prices! The interiors created in our salon very convenient we have got used to use each millimeter of space. Thanks to natural materials, we do to a convenient arrangement of elements, the thought-over lighting an interior on the present convenient, eco-friendly and safe. Look for our website inYandex on demand - the fifth Kostroma element. We will develop individual design of the apartment, private house, we will make 3D model and we will perform all turnkey finishing works. Qualities of our works always at the high level. We propose the best solutions on repair and registration of apartments, kitchens,drawing room, bedrooms. Your apartment will become unique and unique, we will provide harmony of styles which we will choose individually for you. Call! Mon-Fri from 10:00 till 19:00, sb from 10:00 till 17:00
    2017-12-14 / YAroslavl`
  15. Cadastral works. Land surveying. Geology. Projects
    Complex of services in development of project and prospecting documentation, to Design of houses, constructions and communications, Subjects to agricultural appointment, Farms and greenhouses. To estimating, geological researches, geodesy, cadastral works, land surveying (carrying out of borders of the site, the scheme, technical plans, general plans), topography, geology under a structure andunder the house. To statement on the cadastral registration, to design and construction of houses, office buildings, roads, external and internal networks of gas supply, the sewerage, water supply and power supply. Construction and remnto-construction works of any complexity. All works with registration and coordination of the accompanying documentation for inhabited, productionand household buildings, gardening associations. LLC Zemlemer Smolensk, ph. 89043610403, (4812) 24-43-50, Website: Zemlemer67.rf
    2017-10-16 / Smolensk
  16. Design, design
    Architectural design, design projects of interiors and exteriors, landscape. V.A. Ivanov of t. 8(961)4110003
    2017-09-26 / Rostov-na-Donu
  17. The project of the house from 200 rubles
    Experience in design of 30 years. I consist in the union of the Moscow architects since 1987 and I am a winner of the international awards. That I can make for you: Outline sketch of the house: The outline sketch is necessary to decide on appearance of the houseand to create planning, convenient for you. Without outline sketch you won't be able to get the construction license. Enters him: plans of floors, the plan of a roof, building facades, cuts, the general plan of the site with placement of structures, the explanatory note, a 3D model. I will prepare him in 14 days,after coordination of plans with you of the house and style of a facade. Working draft of the house: The working draft is necessary that the house conceived by you was strong and durable. Enters him: calculation and drawings of the bases, masonry plans of floors, calculations and plans of interfloor overlappings,rafter system of a roof, knots and details, sheet of materials. You and the builders employed by you precisely will know how many and what materials it will be required to build your house. The working draft of internal engineering systems the Working draft of internal engineering systems is necessary that in yoursthe house the electrician, the water supply system, the sewerage, heating and ventilation correctly worked.
    2017-09-22 / Moskva
  18. Isobosoms 500 3004 and 3002 for a decor and flowers to buy in Minsk.
    Isobosoms of PPE differs in multifunctionality: he is easy, elastic, elastic, steady against moisture, isn't afraid of chemical and biological influences. Isobosoms apply not only in the construction sphere. He is also used in mechanical engineering, the food industry and also by production of furniture. Thickness, density and structurematerial happens different.
    2017-09-21 / Minsk
  19. Barbecue furnaces from the producer
    Garden furnaces of a barbecue - ready and to order Free installation All models available the Guarantee of 10 years Street braziers, a barbecue from a brick a grill on coals, grills on firewood, a barbecue for giving, a barbecue brazier
    2017-07-31 / Sankt-Peterburg
  20. Quick-drying skin color and leather furniture
    In our shop always on sale qualitative paint for repair of smooth skin and products from skin
    2017-04-20 / Moskva
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