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Список объявление в категории Недвижимость Частная / Дачи Продажа

  1. 2018-12-10 /

  2. 2018-11-08 /
  3. Prodaetsya uchastok v s.Mar`ino Uspenskogo rai`ona

    2018-06-28 / Krasnodar
  4. Prodam dachnyi` uchastok SROCHNO

    2018-05-31 / Mozhai`sk
  5. Prodam dachu dlya letnego otdyha

    2018-05-01 / Penza
  6. 67 kilometr

    2018-04-30 / Novosibirsk
  7. Prodayu sad g.Vorsma

    2018-02-17 / Vorsma
  8. Prodayu sad g.Vorsia

    2018-02-17 / Vorsma
  9. Pocuvstvuite dyhanie prirody na dace v Paporotnom
    I sell giving in the item Paporotnoye, Goryacheklyuchevsky district. The house of 40 sq.m., 6 hundred parts with the fructifying trees. On the first floor 2 rooms, the second floor mansard. Windows on three parties. The verandah under a zastekleniye, is a cellar. Light on the site, gas balloon. Drinking (medical) water in the spring into the wood. The forest kingdom is full of some berries, medicative herbs, nuts, mushrooms. There is a well-planned lake for bathing and fishing. Owner. All documents.
    2017-10-10 / Krasnodar
  10. Wooden houses in a paw, a turnkey bowl from the producer.
    Our company offers services in construction of wooden log houses, and also baths, arbors and other structures of any configuration and complexity. More than 20 years of experience in construction of wooden houses. As material we use perfect timber with a diameter from 220up to 420 mm in top, prepared in the north of the Pskov region during the winter period. We will accompany you at each stage of construction rendering the following services: - individual design (we work as on ready projects, and we embody your ideas) - documentaryregistration - the manual cabin of wooden structures (in a bowl, in a paw) in the territory of own production base - a complete set necessary timber of own production - delivery and assembly of a felling on your site with our equipment - performance of a complex of finishing works, "on a turn-key basis"We guarantee careful control and quality at reasonable price. We will be glad to answer all your questions by phone or you can always arrive to us on production base and personally get acquainted with quality and examples of works! You call, we are readyto embody your dream in reality!
    2017-09-07 / Moskva
    1-storey giving with a wooden penthouse located on the bank of a pond is on sale. Total area of building: 37,1 sq.m., Total area 2nd inhabited komnat:25,4 sq.m. Open verandah: 11,7 sq.m. height of rooms is 2,55 m. There is a shed with a cellar from a brick, the area: 4,5 sq.m., toiletwooden with a refuse brick hole. Land area: 549 sq.m. On the site there are fruit-trees: cherry, pear, apple-tree. The bargaining is appropriate.
    2017-08-23 / Saratov
  12. I sell giving 75 sq.m. on the site of 6 hundred parts
    We present to your attention: The strong brick house located on 6 hundred parts. The general quadrature - 75 sq.m. The house is in operation. In a socle there is a storeroom, a garage, the cellar. First floor: a corridor, the hall - 20 sq.m, and a bedroom - 12 quarter.m. On the second floor a spacious penthouse and a big balcony. There is a spiral staircase. Water - the water pump. Down the street will stretch gas. Heating - a fireplace. On the site a set of the fructifying trees. The developed soil under a garden - a kitchen garden. Giving which it is fineis suitable for full-time residence. Perfectly is suitable for a young family which choose active lifestyle, fresh air and the nature. The house is in HONEYCOMBS "Dawn", in 10 km from the city of Belorechensk. In 150 meters the beautiful picturesque place: mountain river Pshekha, small mountainslope, Liski and beach. The housing estate is installed gas, there is a bystry Internet. To the house there is an entrance, to the bus-stop of 5 minutes of slow walking. The minimum of small investments, and the house can be improved to unrecognizability. Everything depends on your opportunities and the imagination. The settlement withevery year is replenished with young families, houses are equipped. In the summer fresh air, a forest cool and heaps of the turning green fertile trees. The place where it is possible to have a rest from city noise and vanity. All documents as it should be are also available in full. The bargaining very much is even pertinent.Photos are made at the beginning of March. We wait for you!!!!
    2017-03-24 / Belorechensk
  13. Urgently I sell the seasonal dacha!
    Urgently the seasonal dacha is on sale! Gardening "Volgodonsk the gardener" is within the city, on a boundary there are a gas and light. The registration is possible. On the site there is a garden: apple-trees (grades: early, average and winter), apricots, pears, sweet cherry, cherry, prunes, walnut, red and blackcurrant, strawberry and grapes (table and wine). Also there is a small wooden lodge on one room and a hall, with the concreted access path on 1 car.
    2017-03-22 / Volgodonsk
  14. The land plot of 6 hundred parts in SNT the HYPO Lilac-2
    I sell the land plot in SNT HYPO - "Lilac-2". The site of 6 hundred parts (20h30 meters), equal, dry, without constructions and plantings. Wide avenues. Light and water on the site. Within walking distance wood and spring "A silver key". In 2016 specification of borders and a land surveying is carried out.Nearby the new road from Gubkin-to St. of M7 is constructed. Poe neighbourhood of the settlement. Like, the Photon, Abu Dhabi, Mountain, Derbyshki, Tsaritsyno. You call from 9 to 23 h at any time. Owner. Urgent sale.
    2017-03-11 / Kazan`
  15. I will sell giving on a milk
    Giving on the Milk is on sale. Site of 8 hundred parts, state act, cadastral. The site is equal, not stony, well-groomed, the good earth, grows a large number of garden trees. On the site there is a small house from an inkermansky stone, is suitable for accommodation, oven heating. Also on the site isshed, capacity for water. City water and light are connected. To a stop of 10 minutes, buses go regularly. The price is 23 000 c.u.
    2017-03-03 / Sevastopol`
  16. I will sell giving on the Lutuginsky reservoir
    The seasonal dacha of 6 hundred parts, the house 2 floors, with the cellar, a metal entrance door, at lattice windows, a high socle, finishing of the house fur coat, the savage, the house from sandstone is on sale. Down the street there is a gas, there is a watering water supply system, in 5 minutes of walking from a reservoir. On the site there are fruittrees and bushes: 4 apple-trees, 3 pears, 2 sweet cherries, cherry, an apricot, raspberry, currant, a gooseberry, blackberry, are a lot of ornamental shrubs and long-term flowers. There is a summer shower, capacity for water (trolley), an arbor. In the house on 1 floor 4 rooms, kitchen with the refrigerator, the gas stove,there is an oven under coal heating, in the big room upholstered furniture, the TV. 2y the floor demands internal repair.
    2017-02-25 / Lutugino
  17. I sell the garden site with the house
    I sell the garden site of 6 hundred parts with the house of 32 sq.m. in SNT the Power engineering specialist, near of Kamenka, Bogorodsky District, the Arzamas direction. Protection, well, electricity.
    2017-02-15 / Nizhnii` Novgorod
  18. The site (SNT) on the bank of Kama
    The site on the bank of Kama, 8,2 hundred parts. With/about Ivushk. Nearly 50 meters of the coast. Several sites are fenced and are behind separate gate. Several years didn't use giving. Other questions by phone. To intermediaries not to worry.
    2017-02-05 / Naberezhnye CHelny
  19. I will sell giving in Old Sieves
    The two-storeyed house from a bar 150 * 150, is warmed by a waterproofing, a heater of "KNAUF" of 150 mm, a heat-insulating film, Metalloprofil is sheathed by a metal siding of firm. A roof – a roof of Ondulin. There is a big glazed verandah and a canopy around the house. Windows plastic, the first entrance the safe the door which isn't freezing through the secondplastic with glass. The house is completely well-planned. The house is warm. Heating: radiators aluminum, cold and hot water (the titan on 80 l of Etalon). The sewerage on 6 cubic meters, a bathroom ovmeshchenny in the house on the first floor. On the first floor are located: hall, kitchen and corridor(heat-insulated floors). On the second floor the wooden ladder in a bedroom and the nursery conducts. The house is equipped with video surveillance (three video cameras on perimeter), satellite television ("TV Tricolour" and Telekarta). Also there is an automatic system of lighting of all site on perimeter. In an annex a boiler room:12 sq.m. In her the "omnivorous" copper of heating COOPER is located, also it is equipped with three electric tena 6 quarter. The house is on sale with furniture and the equipment. On the site a new bath 3*5 with a waiting room, the summer water supply system, a flock for contents is brought to a bathpoultry, street toilet. There is an arbor. A big lawn with the playground. The parking is poured out by crushed stone asphalt on 5 cars. From plantings: apple-tree, cherry, plum, gooseberry, currant, Victoria. The earth fertilized. Registration. The house doesn't demand any capital investments, all new.Come around and live.
    2017-01-21 / Pervoural`sk
  20. I will sell giving in the quiet suburb of Yevpatoria
    I will sell giving in the quiet suburb of Yevpatoria, 15 min. to the sea, the house 6,5 x 6,5, hozpostroyka, water, light, the Internet, is conducted gas. The site 4 hundred parts with a possibility of expansion to 8 hundred parts. Joint project company "Factory". The price - 790 t of rubles, the bargaining. bodies 7978 0277710, Alexander Vladimirovich
    2017-01-06 / Evpatoriya
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