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Список объявление в категории Услуги и деятельность / Бухгалтерия

  1. Otkrytie raschetnyh schetov dlya OOO i IP

    2018-09-08 / Moskva
  2. Registraciya IP

    2018-06-26 / Rostov-na-Donu
  3. Skoraya buhgalterskaya pomosch`.

    2018-06-14 / Moskva
  4. Horoshii` glavnyi` buhgalter ischet klientov.

    2018-05-19 / Moskva
  5. Zanimayus` autsorsingom buhgalterii/

    2018-05-19 / Moskva
  6. YA - glavnyi` buhgalter zanimayus` vedeniem buhgalterii.

    2018-05-19 / Moskva
  7. Opytnyi` buhgalter

    2018-05-08 / Moskva
  8. Buhgalter dlya IP i OOO

    2018-02-09 / Pyatigorsk
  9. Buhgalterskoe obsluzhivanie dlya OOO i IP

    2018-02-08 / Pyatigorsk
  10. Buhgalterskii` uchet bez oshibok

    2018-01-19 / Rostov-na-Donu
  11. The employee for work at cozy office
    In office of the large company the person with experience of the accountant is required. Filling of forms for orders, maintaining primary documentation, reception of incoming calls. All work at office, not exit. Free training, help at an initial stage of work. The side job and the replaceable schedule is possible.
    2017-11-21 / Tula
  12. Accounting services in Rostov-on-Don
    - Maintaining accounts department in full. - Execution of personnel documents. - Calculation of salary. - Taxation optimization. - Preparation and submission of reports. - Consultations. - Individual approach to each client. - We will save you from communication with state agencies.
    2017-11-20 / Rostov-na-Donu
  13. Accounting services in combination
    Services: Maintaining accounting, tax, account; drawing up, submission of reports; account restoration (OSNO, USNO, ENVD), etc. accounting services. Experience more than 25 years. Payment by agreement.
    2017-10-25 / Krasnodar
  14. Accounting services of condominium, HUNDRED, trade, gardenings
    Accounting services: Drawing up primary documentation Preparation of any forms of the reporting in RPF, the Social Insurance Fund, FTS the Zero reporting Delivery of reports (monthly, quarter, annual) Maintaining and accounting of the bank operations Calculation of Salary, holiday, hospital, decretive payments Tax declarations, 3-NDFL Confidentiality Accounting experience more20 years Experience conducting accounting in the organizations: Condominium or HCC, car wash and HUNDRED, wholesale and retail trade, gardenings, Ltd company and SP 1C Accounts department 7.7 - 8.3 Advanced PC user, knowledge of all programs, necessary for work. Work on the contract is possiblePayment form cash or non-cash payment Operative communication: phone, skype, e-mail, whatsapp, viber of Ph. 8-981-712-09-10 E-mail:
    2017-10-24 / Sankt-Peterburg
  15. I render services in conducting accounting (Ltd company, SP)
    I render services in conducting accounting (Ltd company, SP), the taxation (OSN, ENVD, USNO, patents, sales taxes, combination of the modes). Carrying out calculation of taxes and salary. Personnel record. Submission of accounting and tax reports in appropriate authorities. Recovery of accounting documentation and reporting. Organizationdocument flow of firm with processing of primary documentation (consignment notes, invoices, acts of the performed works, an extract of bank and other). Individual accounting policies. Payment by agreement. I will consider all options of the coming or remote accountant in Moscow and near Moscow area.
    2017-09-19 / Moskva
  16. I wish happy birthday an anechka
    Anechka, delightful, happy birthday! Also let magnificent fall awards with valuable gold of happiness, inspiring spring - miracle of unreal revival, magnificent winter - tenderness of magic love and long-awaited summer - an improbable heat of surprising passion!
    2017-08-06 / San Vicente De Tagua Tagua
  17. Accounting and personnel services
    IP Makarova offers only professional accounting services and services of personnel outsourcing for representatives of small and medium business. Our experts not only will provide relevant information as consulting services, but also will render assistance at the choice of a further way of work of the company.
    2017-07-19 / Sevastopol`
  18. 2NDFL in Togliatti
    Set of documents for the credit Preparation of documents. The reference for the visa the reference of 2 personal income taxes the reference in a free form the copy labor the copy of the employment contract the characteristic confirmation by a call free shipping 89019405601
    2017-04-06 / Tol`yatti
  19. Accounting and legal maintenance of business
    The MTsOB company offers accounting and legal maintenance of business. Full or partial accounting and legal service taking into account your personal requirements and preferences.
    2017-03-30 /
  20. Buhgalterskoe soprovozhdenie ot JEkstrakonsalting
    Ekstrakonsalting - renders a full range of accounting and consulting services, to natural and legal entities, both Russian and foreign, at the same time constantly improving and increasing level of quality in the course of understanding of the specification of preferences of each individual client. The main direction sew accounting serviceactivity. Get acquainted with our tariffs or contact us - we will choose for you an optimal variant of accounting service.
    2017-03-14 / Moskva
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