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    3. CHesodan

      2018-07-10 / Krasnodar
    4. Maska `Sorvigolovy` ot PENIVAIZ

      2018-05-28 / Samara
    5. Populyarnye ochki Ray-Ban

      2018-04-26 / Moskva
    6. Bags for products wholesale from the producer.
      Bags for products wholesale from the producer. Our website Avos`
      2017-11-11 / Mai`kop
    7. Laces, preparations for belts from genuine leather.
      Wholesale and retail laces, belts (preparation for a belt) from genuine leather made on the professional equipment. Cutting width: 2 mm - 340 mm, thickness of skin are up to 5 mm, length is up to 1700 mm. Thick skin: a shabrack, a neck, a floor from 2 to5 mm - KRS, a buffalo. Thin skin: clothes colored and suede from 05 to 1.2 mm - sheepskin. Haberdashery, shoe skin from 1 to 2 mm - pork, sheepskin. Skin of a special purpose: suede, velor with water-repellent impregnation - sheepskin, KRS.Available skin color monophonic, with the drawing, stamping, dusting. The cord and a leather strip are applied at production of belts, bags, dressing of clothes and footwear, at reconstruction of ancient clothes and an armor. Laces square and flat for topsayder (top saiderov), moccasins, sneakers, winter, etc.footwear.
      2017-10-11 / Moskva
    8. Down scarfs, kerchiefs, plaids, etc.
      Down products from down of goats of the Volgograd region are on sale: scarfs, kerchiefs, plaids, socks, mittens, gloves, shawls, vests, sweaters. Products are very warm, dense and fluffy, these are not thin Orenburg scarfs. Always available scarfs from 110 to 130 cm (of 2000 to6000 rub), plaids from 160 to 180 cm (from 7000 to 10 thousand rubles). Also work to order. Sale by wholesale (contractual prices). I will send a photo of products on e-mail.
      2017-10-05 / Uryupinsk
    9. Children's smart watch with GPS will ensure safety to your child!
      The main Smart Baby Watch Q50 function nevertheless is ensuring parental control over safety of the child. Hours allow the child to be always in touch, to receive messages and alarm clocks. And parents can learn at any time where there is their child, to communicate with himvoice messages to use information on walk, to install alarm clocks and to react instantly in case of emergency situation. Address: Surikov St. 12/6. Website:
      2017-08-16 / Krasnoyarsk
    10. Lakestone - shop of fashionable bags
      Lakestone Ц the most popular boutique of bags for men and women. Goods are made of genuine leather. Portfolios, man purses, clutches, bags, folders under documents Ц really huge collections. Each person can like something and he will find to himself what will allow to emphasize identity and to pick upto exclusive image. The guarantee extends to all collection of goods - 1 year. Defective goods are excluded because, by production there takes place constant most strict control. All products Lakestone of manual assembly. Design and exclusive works, the range it is constantly replenished and updated. Everyone goods of Lakestonefavourably differs in inimitable style and has personal character.
      2017-08-01 / Moskva
    11. Swissgear backpack
      Qualitative backpacks with delivery. Multipurpose Swiss backpack of Swissgear for all occasions. We give to each client gifts. The quantity of gifts is limited - HURRY!
      2017-06-15 / Moskva
    12. Fashionable Leather Handbag. Delivery Free of charge.
      Fine leather bag from 100% of the genuine Italian leather steady against wear (model 5105 black). ********************* Original difference is the smart stamping on skin, the scaly relief very much reminds leather of a reptile that gives to a bag additional elegance. ********************* The additional buckles inserted on each side bagscreate a stylish and harmonious image. The convenient shoulder belt is included in the package that considerably facilitates use of a bag and releases hands, if necessary. ********************* Bag sizes: Х bag height - 19 cm, Х width - 32 cm, Х depth - 13 cm, Х heighthandles - 11 cm the Bag well will be suitable both for daily use, and in holidays. ********************* Address. Delivery across Moscow it is free!
      2017-05-13 / Moskva
    13. Production of final, prize and solemn tapes.
      The best prices! Any your text! Let's send by mail to any region. Tapes: Graduate, graduate-2017, tape of the graduate, tape, graduate of kindergarten, witness, matchmaker, mother-in-law, class teacher. At us you will find a set of samples of prize tapes for: - graduates of any educational institutionson a graduation party; - for the least graduates from kindergarten; - honourable films "Hero of the Anniversary", "Leader", "Winner", "Pensioner"; - exclusive tapes for weddings and corporate parties!
      2017-03-09 / Minsk
    14. Heading: Hours with Anne Kelen bracelets
      """ Hours with Anne Kelen bracelets Ц the embodiment of refinement and elegance. They are intended for the women of fashion seeking to put on and carry faultlessly stylish accessories. Hours of this brand differ in the accuracy and reliability. The unique high-precision quartz mechanism will see to it about that his ownernever and anywhere was late. All set is made of stainless steel for which corrosion as special substance is a part of alloy isn't terrible. Watch of Anne Kelen Ц the fresh solution and an unusual combination of materials which will defiantly fit into anydress and vydyl you among people around. """
      2017-03-03 / Moskva
    15. Russian Gold
      The Russian Gold company - retail network selling jewelry in the Smolensk region. The company has been founded in 1999. Now "The Russian gold" includes in network of 17 outlets located in Smolensk and other cities of area (Yartsevo, Roslavl, Desnogorsk). Inthe range of the company all types of a jewelry are presented: rings, chains, bracelets, earrings, suspension brackets, etc. On the website of "The Russian gold" sections of men's jewelry and religious subject are taken separately out. It is also possible to find the category "Hours" which is turning on the men's and women watch in the catalog. Jewelry, notfitting in in one of standard categories, are in the section "Other". It is possible to choose piercing, brooches, handles, pins, spoons and other souvenir products. The jewelry presented on the website "Russian Gold" can be categorized on: to type of precious metals - gold, silver, withgilding; to inserts - finishing existence by gemstones or their absence; to color of metal - gold, white gold, red gold, silver, etc.; to the producer. The filter also allows to sort production by the type of stones interesting the buyer by which ornament is trimmed. The buyer can reservethe product interesting him in concrete shop "Russian Gold" to look and estimate goods "alive" before purchase. The Russian Gold company offers jewelry from the largest producers of Russia and Europe: SOKOLOV, YARRA, VOILET, Jewelry Traditions, SANIS, ROBERTO BRAVO.
      2017-02-11 / G.Smolensk
    16. Swiss backpack of Swissgear
      The Swiss backpack of Swissgear with an orthopedic back for only 2190 rubles! Plus 3 gifts! Delivery by the courier to a door!
      2017-01-21 / Moskva
    17. Michael Kors bags
      Original Michael Kors bags at a discount 70% with free shipping across all Russia!
      2017-01-09 / Moskva
    18. The All-Ukrainian retail network "Jewelry Card" offers: earrings and also brasletik and crosses worn on the neck.
      Have decided to choose jewel? The Jewelry Card retail network offers you a wide choice of various: clips for a tie, a necklace, rings or ear rings, pendents icons from gold with quartzes and cubic zirconia on attractive quotations. On the stock "Gold Fair" a discount to 50% for more than twoand a half thousands of a jewelry which precisely will be pleasant to you. Welcome to! Consultations from 9:00 till 21:00 by ph. (044) 499-55-55, (050) 463-79-99, (067) 656-88-88 an announcement Code: #15-51-12-21-1620
      2016-12-15 / Kiev
    19. Bags wholesale and retail
      Wide choice of leather accessories of the Russian producers, reasonable prices, excellent quality. Frequent updating of goods. Wholesale from seven thousand rubles. Delivery to transport. All range on our website.
      2016-11-03 / G.Ekaterinburg
    20. Pompony iz enota i pesca
      Pompons from a polar fox and a raccoon, the minimum order from 5 pompons, fur excellent, fluffy are on sale, pompons are made of skins (in most cases in shops sell from tails) the Price of fur pompons from a raccoon: 25 cm - 650 rub of 24 cm- 600 rub of 20 cm - 500 rub of 16 - 17 cm - 400 rub of 14 - 15 cm - 320 rub of 12 - 13 cm - 300 rub the Price of fur pompons from a polar fox color: solution 8-10 - 450 rubsolution 10-12 - 450 rub solution 12-14 - 450 rub solution 14-16 - 470 rub Delivery to any regions
      2016-10-17 / Alma-Aty
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