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From Info Hands - the Information First-hand / Volkswagen - Cars - From Info Hands - the Information First-hand

"Volkswagen AG" or Volkswagen AG, is a German automobile concern. Engaged in the production of cars, trucks, vans. The company's headquarters is located in Wolfsburg. In 1934 Ferdinand Porsche, in Russian Ferdinand Porsche, the famous German designer, who founded the world-famous German car company Porsche AG, received the assignment from the German National Socialist government to create a modern car. The results of his work appeared in 1935, when such a car was assembled. He was given the name "Volkswagen", the literal translation from the German language this word means "people's car". Upon completion of two years of testing in 1937 launched a series VW30, and by 1938 the car gained familiar to many generations followed a classic appearance. Volkswagen was immediately appreciated by designers, engineers and drivers. About the fore motorists, there were numerous articles in the press, in 1938, in his article New York Times Volkswagen dubbed his resemblance "beetle". With a light hand of the newspaper is the nickname stuck so that to this day serves as a hallmark of the car.

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    1. Passazhirskie perevozki Krym - Ukraina - Krym

      2018-08-01 / Sevastopol`
    2. Annigilyaciya fil`m 2017 ok otzyvy fil`ma Igra okonchena, chuvak! HF

      2018-04-29 / Mount Lookout
    3. Volkswagen Polo 2011
      Volkswagen Polo a sedan of 2011, run of 77 ton-kilometers, a full complete set with a package comfort (mkpp, the parctronic, a multiwheel, 4 safety cushions, heating of back and forward glasses. The exchange isn't interesting, the bargaining at a cowl by phone I don't bargain.
      2016-06-13 / Taganrog
    4. Fol`ksvagen Passat, 2001
      Volkswagen Passat, 2001. Run of 170 000 - 179 999 km, 1.8 AT, gasoline, forward drive, sedan, left wheel, color of gold 1.8 turbo of AKPP of 150 h.p. otl.sost. conditioner. GUR. antiprobuksovochny system. AVS. The 4th glass of a podemnik with closers when closing the alarm system.the alarm system with feedback and a car start. parctronic. ksenon.jl mirrors. 8 pillows. cast disks R16 winter rubber. music of 8 loudspeakers and a sabufer.a is a lot more only. I the owner of a car since April, 2009 much that is made and changed everything neopises to whominterestingly you call. at a car garage storage. BARGAINING. the car is in Azov
      2015-03-03 / Rostov-na-Donu
    5. Foltsvagen B4
      I sell fol`cvagen trade wind B4,93g.v. Volume 2l. Run of 320000 km. Color blue. Sedan. Mechanics. Left wheel. Not bit. Price 130000 t.r. Vitaly of ph. 89164950174
      2014-09-23 / CHehov
    6. Soversenno novye original`nye mobil`nye telefony Apple i Samsungs dly prodazi
      Soversenno novye original`nye mobil`nye telefony Apple i Samsungs dly jlektronnoi pocty prodaz: menarde_ectronics@hotmail skaip .com: lincon.mobile1 Apple - iPhone 5 s Sotovyi telefon na 64 GB...... iPhone 5 Apple za $450 s Sotovyi telefon na 32 GB... iPhone 5 Apple za $400 s Sotovyi telefon na 16 GB... iPhone 5 64GB Apple za $370::::::::::::::: iPhone 5 32GB Apple za $300::::::::::::::: iPhone 5 16GB Apple za $270::::::::::::::: sm-G900F S5 LTE Samsung Galaxy za $240 SIM-nezamknutyi:::::::::: Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500:::::::::::::: na 32 GB za $450 Samsung Galaxy za $270 SIII 200$dollar SSA Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 4G LTE 32 GB.... Samsung Galaxy Note za $300 II $200 svyzyvaetsy esli zainteresovannay jlektronnay pocta: menarde_ectronics@hotmail skaip .com: lincon.mobile1
      2014-07-19 / Moscow
      Complete set: Х Anti-blocking system (ABS) Х Antiprobuksovochny system Х Cruise control Х Light-alloy wheels Х Hatch Х Multimedia (CD) Х Heating of mirrors Х Security system Х Safety cushions (frontal lateral) Х Reg seats of the driver (on height) Х Reg seats of the passenger (on height) Х Wheel adjustment (in 1 square) Х Salon (velor) Х System of course stabilization Х Tinted glasses Х Amplifier of a steering (hydra) Х Color of salon (dark gray) Х Central lock Х Electrowindow regulators (all) the Car in an excellent state, any doesn`t demand investments! Much that is changed! Summer of R17 225/45 on new rubber winter on disks! Modification: 1.8T (180Hp) Year vyp:2001 check points: Machine gun engine Type: 1781 sm #179; / 180 h.p. / Gasoline turbo-supercharging Drive: Forward Run: 107000 miles Wheel: Left Type of a body: Sedan / Black State: Excellent
      2014-05-07 / Ryazan`
    8. Polo fol`svagen 2011
      I sell fol`svagen Poles 2011 there are protivotumanka a radio tape recorder with DVD. Toning of glasses and cast disks with new rubber pirelli. All raskhodnik changed. To whom it is necessary such car you call we will communicate.
      2014-03-11 / Pyatigorsk
    9. Prodam Volkswagen Golf V Plus
      420 000 rub. Modification: 1.2 TSI (105Hp) Year vyp: 2009 of sale: 2010 check points: Mechanical engine Type: 1197 cm? / 105 h.p. / Gasoline turbo-supercharging Drive: Forward Run: 110 000 km Wheel: Left Type of a body: Hatchback 5d / Brown metallic of VIN: The VIN code isn`t specified the State: Good Existence / Customs: Available / the Exchange Is cleared: There is no Quantity of owners on PTS: 1 Complete set: Х Anti-blocking system (ABS) Х Antiprobuksovochny system Х On-board computer Х Conditioner (climate 2-zonal) Х Light-alloy wheels Х Multimedia (CD) Х Heating of mirrors Х Heatingseats Х Security system Х Parktronik Х Reg seats of the driver (on height) Х Reg seats of the passenger (on height) Х Wheel adjustment (in 2h the square) Х Salon (fabric) Х System of course stabilization Х Central lock Х Electrowindow regulators (all) Place of survey: Moscow, m. Proletarian or MO Gorkovskoye Highway of 50 km. Additional information: In PTS and at a wheel only 1 hostess! Car release the end 2009 - it was bought in 2010. Model range 2010. Assembly Germany. Regular maintenance, low expense. Two sets of wheels, service book. Rear-view camera. The bargaining only is possible atsurvey. The request to motor shows not to disturb.
      2014-01-17 / Moskva
    10. Repair Cardano Volkswagen
      Tekhnokardan - Volkswagen at professional level, with use of the most modern techniques is engaged in repair of driveshafts. All works are carried out on the European equipment, specially arranged for such driveshafts. ph. 8 (499)504 - 41 - 82
      2013-12-07 / poselok Podol`skoi` mashinno-ispytatel`noi` stancii
    11. I change for money
      Golf 2 1985, 1.3 carburetor. The excellent car for the beginning driver. The condition normal, is defects on a body. Running new, muffler new, bottom in perfect tune. Salon - original, the well-groomed pure. In the car didn`t smoke. In a set winter rubber on native stamps, a luggage carrier on a roof. The bargaining is welcomed! ! Stands near Taganrog. To look at any time.
      2013-10-11 / Taganrog
    12. I sell the excellent car
      And/m in the excellent condition, one owner, the highest complete set, the engine 1.6, the conditioner, disks, the central lock, music, / at a wheel, heating of forward seats, I flew down zatonirovany, 520000 auction
      2013-08-27 / Korenovsk
    13. B6 Volkswagen Passat, 2006 of century. Urgent sale-430 of thousand rubles.
      B6 Volkswagen Passat, 2006 of century. Sedan, red, leather salon, run of 200 ton-kilometers Condition good. It is struck off the register, urgent sale. 430 thousand rubles. I will answer all questions on ph.
      2013-08-21 / Tula
    14. I sell Volkswagen Passat CC 1.8 TSI (152Hp) 2012
      Maximum computer. - System of an automatic parking of Park Assist; - 12 - position sports seats in front with electroadjustments, with massage function on a driver`s place; - Disks Lakeville; - Ebony Decor / Dark aluminum of rough polishing; - Leather salon Nappa, forward seats with an active klimatization, with massage function on a driver`s place; - Rear Assist Rear-view camera; - 5 - local salon; - Automatic two-zonal separate klimat - control ` 2 - corner - Climatronic ` ; - Kruiz - control; - Xenon headlights with the static rotarylight and LED headlights of a daylight - Windshield with electroheating; - Multipurpose leather 3 - spoke steering wheel with a decor from chrome; - Interior illumination; - MEDIA - Socket; IN; - Central lock `
      2013-02-05 / Sochi
    15. I will sell VW multivan in an excellent condition.
      The car in an excellent condition. It is bought and is served from the dealer. On a body scratches having chopped off isn`t present. A bumper, headlights, a cowl, mirrors - bron`. 5 doors. Toning of glasses, except lobbies lateral. Rubber absolutely new, plus the complete set of winter tires. Parktroniki in front and behind. The Rear-view camera. The alarm system, fur. The lock of a steering shaft, c.z. The salon is transformed, all moves, the folding round little table, integrated storki, the back sofa is displayed, the second row armchair develops, turns and has the integrated children`s sitting for two age. A chetyryohzonnyj climate with presence gagesPassengers on a back number. The onboard computer. The rain gage. Radio, CD, MP3, USB, DVD, TV (two-zonal), NAVI ceiling DVD the monitor 17 `. The proof-reader of headlights, heating of forward seats, z
      2012-02-14 / Anapa
    16. The car is on sale
      The car fol`ksvagen.s probegom.v a good condition is on sale.
      2012-01-23 / St.Novopokrovskaya
    17. Prodayu
      I sell vw passat b5. 2002g.v. Mechanics, not the beaten
      2012-01-20 / Stavropol`
    18. Volkswagen Passat
      Volkswagen Passat - V6, 2006 Colour black, the automatic machine, velor. A condition EXCELLENT! Urgently! The auction! 89027920395 Alexander
      2011-11-25 / Perm`
    19. Proday wolchvagen passat b5
      I sell vol`cvagen pasat b5, 2001g. Release, 1,8 turbo. 170 h.p. Run of 175000 km. Colour dark blue the American assemblage Leather salon of white colour, box the automatic machine, the conditioner, cruise control, dacik a rain, the hatch, jlek. Mirrors, winter rubber. An excellent condition. The price 380 000rub. The auction is possible.
      2011-11-12 / Stavropol`
    20. Very beautiful machine
      I sell Volkswagen - Dzetta - 2, 1.6, 1985g.v., gasoline - gas, cast disks winter wheels, music, covers, in a good condition, 85t.r. Urgently
      2011-11-05 / Stavropol`
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