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From Info Hands - the Information First-hand / Audi - Germany cars - From Info Hands - the Information First-hand

In early 1909, as a result of a complex legal dispute between August Horch, founded Plant Horch-Werke in Zwickau and the new owners of the plant, the owner of the brand was forced to establish a new company August Horch Automobilwerke Gmbh. Before Horch problem arose on inventing a new company name. According to one legend events unfolded as follows. During a stormy debate over the name of the son of the house owner in the next room taught Latin. One of the shareholders said aloud: "Hear the other side!" And the boy as a joke loudly translated into Latin by the phrase: «Audiatur et altera pars!» Surprised debaters realized «horch», meaning in the German language - "to listen or listen "in Latin is translated as« audi ». According to another legend, August Horch left the factory "Horch" himself, for did not get along with the new, conservative leadership. About armed with a former name 'Horch'. Start of the court case on the claim of both companies for the rights to the name "Horch". At one of the meetings attended by noisy and loud talking. Judge asked to express opinions quieter, saying "heren," that is listening, this word was repeated by one of those present in Latin, that is, "audio". Word liked presence and August Horch decided that name to name his new factory.

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    1. Da mne nravytsy Anal`nyi seks i raznost` potencialov
      Privet parni povoracivayt moego osla i dobiraytsy, moi vklycay v moem rtu Piset moemu profily moemu imeni Kopiy Betti 1987 goda svyz` i prikleivaet ego v brauzer:
      2017-07-03 / Chisinau
    2. Set of caps in style of Audi, stars
      The company "Avto SNS Tyuning" suggests to get a set of caps on the cast disks Audi, are made in the form of stars, with Audi logo emblem, serial number 4F0 601 165 N delivery around the city to Moscow and also on regions of Russia
      2016-08-02 / Moskva
    3. I will sell A6 AUDI car
      I will sell the car of A6 2006 Audi of year, a good shape. Run of 191.000 km.
      2016-05-19 / Smolensk
    4. I sell Running fires and a lattice
      I sell LED running fires and a lattice on q7 Audi
      2016-01-12 / Krasnodar
    5. Sale of Audi A3 Restyling 2
      Sale of Audi A3 Restyling of 2 1.2 Sportback TFSI (105 h.p.) 5 ti dverny Year of release of 2012. Run of 66 000 km Body Hatchback Engine of 1.2 l / 105 h.p. / Machine Gun Drive Forward Colour White Wheel check point GasolineLeft the State doesn't demand repair the Owner 1 Possession of the seller of 3 years and 4 months the Car is bought in May, 2012, made in Germany. Doesn't demand investments, there went 1 girl, in salon didn't smoke. All THAT at the official dealer. The lastTHAT 10/07/2015. Not beaten, it wasn't painted, AS A GIFT a set of winter tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 (the new are bought in last season!) A complete set the Interior An upholstery of salon (fabric, sports forward seats) Color of salon (black with finishing from a tree) the Exterior Xenon headlightsLight-alloy wheels Functional equipment On-board computer Rain sensor Light sensor System of adaptive lighting of the road Cruise control Heating of all mirrors Washer of headlights Back screen wiper and washer of glass Power steering Central lock start-stop System Comfort Heating of forward seats Leather wheel, design"4 spokes" Climate (climate control with individual control for the driver and the forward passenger) the Rear-view mirror in salon with automatic blackout Expanded finishing of salon elements with the Mirror aluminum covering in salon with illumination for the driver and the passenger Internal illumination of salon, illuminationglove box and luggage compartment the Package for smokers: an ashtray and the lighter the Forward central armrest with a place for storage of things. A support for drinks the Package of additional lighting Illumination of space for feet in front; illumination in the doorway for simplification of landing; illuminationmirrors for a make-up; illumination of the central console and illumination in a covering of doors in LED technology. Adjustments The electric drive of mirrors Window regulators (electro everything) The driver's seat (manual adjustment on height, length and an inclination) The passenger's seat (manual adjustment on height, length and an inclination)Adjustment of a wheel (in two planes) Safety Anti-blocking system (ABS) System of course stability (ESP) System of distribution of brake efforts of dependence and options of installation the term of the glossary (EBD) The help at the emergency braking of dependence and installation options the term of the glossary (EBA) Antiprobuksovochny system of dependence andinstallation options the term of the glossary (ASR) of the Safety cushion (forward and side for the passenger and drivers, a safety cushion for knees, a safety cushion of zanovesochny type) the Compact spare wheel of R16 the Sign of an emergency stop and the first-aid kit Contacts: Olga 89111981985
      2015-07-24 / Sankt-Peterburg
    6. S-liniy 2008 Audi Q7, 1300000
      I will urgently sell Q7 Audi, 2008 S-line complete set, engine displacement 3,6, 280l.s., gasoline, the full drive, a box the machine gun, the black, 1 owner, it is bought from the official dealer in Moscow. Documents as it should be, not beaten, State excellent. Bargaining
      2015-03-25 / Vladimir
    7. High-quality tires and disks.
      Summer or winter tires approach each model of the car taking into account a number of characteristics. We are professionals of the business and are ready to help you to choose the best tires which will provide excellent stability of the car or the motorcycle on the road. The wide choice is presented in our catalogtires of various radius only from the checked world brands. Having addressed to us you will never regret about a choice.
      2014-10-30 / Moskva
    8. I sell urgently A3 Audi car
      I sell urgently A3 Audi car
      2014-10-03 /
    9. Car exchange for the apartment, zy. site
      I change Ku-7 Audi, 2007 in, for the apartment, zy a site, or B`day real estate
      2014-10-09 / Anapa
    10. Audi car in an excellent state is on sale
      The engine 2 liters, electro - mirrors, jl. hatch, safety cushions, conditioner, color claret, 2 owners of a .mekhanik.probeg 240000 km. is more detailed by phone.
      2014-04-29 / Novomoskovsk
    11. Na prodazu: Audi Q7 S Line Prestige 2012 goda
      Privet, U meny est` spravedlivo ispol`zuemay Audi Q7 3.0T Quattro S - 2012 goda; Prestiz Linii, kotoryi y proday za 16,000$. Nize nekotorye ego kacestva. * Prevoshodno Ispol`zuemyi * Razumnyi Probeg * Pervyi Vladelec * Nikakay istoriy Mehaniceskoi neudaci * Prekrasnoe gosudarstvo Usloviy pokupki. * Skidku mozno scitat` esli zainteresovano * Svyzites` s informaciei ob jlektronnoi pocte nize dly dal`neisego zaprosa i tehniceskih trebovanii na avtomobile. Da blagoslovit vas Gospod` vse! S uvazeniem, Henriksen (G-N).
      2013-11-12 / Nicosia
    12. I sell the car
      Audi 80 b - 4 1992 133l.s 2.3l a tramssmisiya manual a body a sedan 350000km run the price 110000r is possible the bargaining
      2013-02-27 / Krasnodar
    13. To be on sale the excellent car
      I will sell the car `to Q - Audi; 7 ` 2009 of release, only is driven from Germany, without pro - races across Russia, color a gray metallic, S - complete set; line, in PTS 1 owner, run of 52 thousand km. the price is 1,8 million rubles. Place of survey of the car: . Cockerels of the Vladimir region. Ph. 8 - 910 - 771 - 47 - 03, (49243) 2 - 67 - 87
      2012-12-03 / Vladimir
    14. I will sell Audi A6 3.2
      Machine gun, TV, full drive, hatch and leather salon - not all in which you receive it having bought this car. Service only at oficialov. Call! ` gt; I will sell Audi A6 3.2 lt;to br/ gt; In Moscow/MO Audi of 2008 of century lt;by br/ gt; slowly is on sale Machine gun, TV, full drive, hatch and leather salon - not all in which you receive it having bought this car. Service only at oficialov. Call! / 7 (495) 2335678 - Not important Ratero
      2012-08-02 / +7(495)2335678

    15. Audi A4, 2003 470 000 rbl. The engine: gasoline, 2000 cubic sm Transmission: the automatic machine Drive: forward Run across Russia: is Run, km: 130000 Wheel: left In addition: the car is driven from yponii in 2008g with run 30000, now run 130000. Very rare complete set. The engine 2l 131ls akpp 6 speeds. Completely kozannyi salon (black), 8 pillows of safety, regular acoustic system (9 1sabufer), the regular alarm system, a regular xenon, regular navigation, regular TV on the bigThe display, color zk the display of the onboard computer (a rarity for this model), a climate 2h zonal, heating of forward seats, the electric drive of forward seats, wheel adjustment in two positions, steklopod`ymniki with dovodcikami. Very expensive disks, are as the complete set of native cast disks with winter rubber. The auction on a place.
      2012-03-20 / Krasnodar
    16. Audi
      I will sell avto.dvizok oil not zret.kuzov capacious ocink.rzavi anywhere net.hodovay in norm works regularly changed all in time kompl.abs.mp3.jl.zerkala.jl.lyk2poloz.tonir.kompl.letnei rubbers there are insignificant minuses (there are no 2 moldings and will burst back. A lantern on a photo all is visible) is struck off the register torg89099004713 89521954749
      2012-01-03 / Penza
    17. I search for the witness dtp
      I search for the witness dtp occurred on November, 9th, 2011 approximately at 11:45 on crossing of streets siskova and 45 p. of a division
      2011-11-12 / Voronezh
    18. Audi autodismantling
      We assort a car on spare parts available Audi And - 4 2002 years (with 1997 on 2002 body) and Audi 100 1992 (45 body)
      2011-11-09 / Kropotkin
    19. Cars new Audis and Volvo at the optimum price
      Car seats and autospare parts on reasonable prices. The popular Internet Mazda Salon shop sells huge assortment of the goods for the car. High quality of our production. At us discounts and sales operate.
      2011-11-07 / Moskva
    20. I sell Audi 100 2.3E 1992g.
      Condition good a mechanical injector 170tys the rbl. Is possible a car an exchange for VAZ a forward drive since 2006 of release.
      2011-11-04 / Kirov
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