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  9. Children's bed lodge to order
    Crib in the form of a lodge. Safe and natural materials - solid pine, water dispersive paints. Any size to order. Present to the child the fairy tale! Such bed will become his place of games, rest, the embodiment of any imaginations. The price is specified for a yellow lodge with a pipein one tier. Prices of other models on demand
    2017-11-30 / Moskva
  10. Kitchens and sliding wardrobes. Qualitatively!
    We will make to order kitchens and sliding wardrobes. Own production with the modern equipment. Skilled Technologists, Masters and Measurers. Friendly designers. We do qualitatively and for reasonable money. The lowest prices of table-tops from an artificial stone and wall panels from glass.
    2017-11-29 / Tyumen`
  11. Furniture and accessories for a bath and sauna.
    Production of furniture and accessories for an interior of the house and giving, bath and sauna. In our assortment: (benches, benches, tables, chairs, stools, plank beds) and also accessories (Lamp shades, head restraints, regiments, hangers, plates, doors on a needle, door handles), and many other things.
    2017-11-26 / I`oshkar-Ola
  12. The bed is on sale
    The bed is on sale. 140h210h50. Spring block. Velor. Leatherette. There is a niche on 2 offices. The Puzhinny block in an excellent state. There are defects on Speke, but if desired it is possible to eliminate. Irrevocably. I don't read mail.
    2017-11-12 / Ussurii`sk
  13. Registration of the house qualitative furniture
    Not the last role in selection of furniture is played by appearance, design because a sofa, the chair, a bed or a sliding wardrobe set color to the whole exterior. The range of special shopping centers, probably, can satisfy also exacting consumers. But the furniture designed and made to order, for certainwill satisfy the highest esthetic requirements. Not to spend time it is vain, it is much better to order products at Factory of furniture Babylon now. To our professionals not for the first time to work with non-standard, difficult orders and to find steadily good results. We strongly recommend: 1. Development of non-standardthe project taking into account all wishes and inquiries of the customer. 2. Measurements of the room, in any, suitable time for the customer. 3. Bezoplatny development 3D - the model of designed projects of internal furniture. 4. Production of components from the best materials on modern equipment of a premium class. 5. Delivery onto the marked address to any district of St. Petersburg. 6. Expeditious assembly and configuration. 7. Guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance In Babylon you will manage to order a sliding wardrobe, sliding doors and interroom partitions, furniture from the massif, kitchens, wardrobe rooms and also goods for the nursery,drawing room, living room, lobby. All products which we make, just right to survey on the official site.
    2017-10-29 / Sankt-Peterburg
  14. Cabinet furniture in Samara
    The Furniture SVS company - realizes qualitative, comfortable furniture of domestic manufacturers. We render service in assembly of furniture in Samara Elite cabinet furniture perfectly will fit into a house interior, into an interior of the home theater, at equipment of halls, recreation areas at representative offices, and alsowaiting rooms for VIP clients at the airports, hotels, etc. The company gives to the customer an opportunity to choose fabric at execution of the order, and also to make credit purchase.
    2017-10-21 / Samara
  15. Upholstery, repair, furniture banner at home and in a workshop. SPb
    Professional upholstery, repair, banner (sofas, beds, chairs, chairs....) old, ancient, modern upholstered furniture at home and in a workshop. Replacement of foam rubber, springs, mechanisms. Joiner's repair, strengthening of wooden frameworks. Rebonding (repair), tailoring of covers on chairs. Restorationperiod furniture (restoration of the lost elements, paint and varnish covering, partition and rebonding of a framework). Carriage coupler. All types of works with upholstered furniture. Also upholstery of doors. We will make a new bed, a sofa (a soft back for a bed) on the customer's sample. Work with the customer's material is possible. Wide choicefabrics. Also the studio offers services in repair and tailoring (replacement of lightnings, linings, repair of products from skin, fur, having sewed to order skirts, trousers, jackets......). Guarantee. Quality of 100%.
    2017-10-12 / Sankt-Peterburg
  16. Sofa "shell"
    Elegant double sofa "SHELL" – ideal model of furniture for registration of an interior in the Mediterranean style. The smooth silhouette, the picturesque natural invoice, manual weaving from an innovative ecorattan give to a sofa esthetic appearance. The practicality of model provides a highly reliable framework. Color of a rattan and pillows at choice.
    2017-10-09 / Krasnodar
  17. Kitchen corner of Andrey-1 oak bleached
    Complete set: - angular soft sofa: 1050h1050 mm - Diameter of a table: 800 mm - 2 stools. Sizes: Width: 1050 mm Depth: 1050 mm Height: 850 mm Options of coloring: Oak molochny/kz/brown Material: LDSP, imitation leather Delivery across Mosva to an entrance - free
    2017-10-04 / Moskva
  18. The Royal Estate company - furniture tours to China
    For anybody of us at all not a secret that such country as China, is undoubtedly the most high-growth unlike the whole world today, and even the sphere of development and production of furniture, additional finishing materials – at all not an exception. In thisto globe point, it is possible to order and buy high-quality goods on a quotation, optimum, available to you. Celestial Empire is that place where it is always possible to satisfy completely, even very exacting needs of buyers, but at the same time, also it is good to save! Company "RoyalEstate" is your reliable curator and the conductor in the boundless world of the Chinese furniture.
    2017-10-02 / Moskva
  19. Upholstery repair of furniture at home
    We carry out repair a furniture upholstery. Replacement of filler of springs of mechanisms. Wide choice obivochnykh of materials. Quality guarantee fast term of production.
    2017-09-29 / Sankt-Peterburg
  20. The Italian orthopedic mattresses of Magniflex in the Crimea
    Our website, is an official distributor of Magniflex factory in the Crimea. We sell the Italian mattresses in Sevastopol and we don't doubt that they will provide you with a full-fledged and healthy sleep and rest.
    2017-09-27 / Sevastopol`
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