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    8. Conveyors, compressors, reducers, electric motors
      LLC Areal based on long-term experience perfroms calculation and selection the motor reducers, reducers, electric motors, pumps, fans for various industrial equipment "from scratch" and on replacement of earlier established. Replacement old the motor reducers, reducers, nasosv, fans on modern analogs. Selection of drivingthe equipment with the lost shilda and documentation. Electric motors (0,09 - 355 kW) - common industrial (AIR, 5AI, SDN, MS etc.), explosion-proof (AIMU, AIMUR, AIML), single-phase (the ACORUS, 5AIE), vysokoltny (DAZO, VAO, VAO2, A4); - Compressors screw diesel and electric ZIF- step electric motors and servo-drivers; - reducers and the motor reducers (worm - NMRW, DRW, H, 2Ch; coaxial - R, H, MTs2S; conic - And, In, To; planetary - 3 MT, MPO, etc.) import and domestic; - frequency converters (common industrial,for heavy loadings, for ventilation and single-phase dvigatly - from 0,2 to 355 kW); - devices of smooth start-up - conveyors with a constant and variable speed (adjustment mechanical and electric sposobm) - pumps (EMSh, D, K, KM, ETsV,VVN, H, AH, HM, SD, the GNOME, TsMF, TsMK, VK, VKS, VKO, TsNS (g), NMSh, NMShF, NMShG, AG, BG, ND) and stations of management to them; - ventilation and heating engineer; - Industrial control system and cases of management; t.: 79787087812, 79787087813
      2017-12-07 / Simferopol`
    9. The equipment from China from the Taixin Hong Kong company
      The Taixin Hong Kong company is a diversified company which specializes in deliveries and a complete set of the high-quality equipment. During work our experts have gained experience on development, installation, service and repair of all range of the equipment, were trained in training centers of the enterprises suppliers of the equipment thatprove the gained diplomas. The equipment from China from Hong Kong offers Taixin the equipment – available and according to the pre-order in any volume.
      2017-12-06 / Moskva
    10. Promyshlennoe oborudovanie
      Machining. Products according to drawings of the customer. Pipeline details: Branches, Tees, Transitions. Shutoff valves: Cranes are spherical, Latches, the Valve. Capacitor, reservoir equipment
      2017-11-22 / Sarov
    11. Degradation of organic chemistry, proteins, fats, cellulose.
      Biological product the Russian Athlete contains mix of microorganisms, for the accelerated decomposition of organic chemistry in the sewerage: carbohydrates, cellulose, animal and vegetable fats, proteins, starch, BPK, HPK, VV, surfactant in drains Reduces. Improves process of a nitrification and denitrification in drains. Full removal of a smell. It is used:industrial treatment facilities, LOS, BOS, KNS, septic tanks, cesspools, zhiroulovitel, sewer pipes. Delivery across Moscow, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus.
      2017-11-17 / Moskva
    12. Tecna 7903 tame ticks for spot contact welding
      Tame ticks of Tecna 7903 productions of the company from Italy are intended for bilateral contact spot welding. Tame ticks of Tecna 7903 have: built-in timer; possibility of smooth adjustment of welding current; system of compensation of welding current; water cooling; manual drive of compression. For a complete set of tame ticksTecna 7903 are recommended: direct shoulders with various departure to 500 mm (to the discretion of the Customer). By the special order in addition for tame ticks of Tecna7903 it is delivered: device for suspension of Tecna 7551; electrodes; tal-balance weight. More detailed and the price - at inquiry (on the website - is cheaper!). We will deliveracross Russia to 42 cities - it is free!
      2017-11-15 / Peterburg
    13. Capacities, tanks, railway tanks, second-hand
      Capacities, tanks, railway tanks, second-hand From 0,1 to 5000 m3 from ferrous and corrosion-proof metal of LLC Albatros Russia, South Ural, Ph. to Chelyabinsk 8(351) 795-59-66, honeycombs. 8-951-447-99-41, 8-963-073-51-39., Skype: ilbaev230270
      2017-11-09 / CHelyabinsk
    14. Container, metal, wooden
      Container, metal, wooden 1. warehouse technological Tara metal box GOST 14861-74. Overall dimensions: 1240kh840kh750mm Loading of 1000 kg Weight is 85 kg. At the price of 6000 rub apiece. Cash payment, the bargaining is possible. Location: Chelyabinsk 2. A container metal 1200kh800mm, withoutlegs at the price of 4000 rub apiece available 33 pieces. Cash payment, the bargaining is possible. Location: Chelyabinsk 3. Dimensions: 800h600h250 mm (DhShV), Loading capacity: 0,5 t., weight: 33 kg., 1500 pieces at the price of 2000 rub, location: Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk4. box wooden second-hand (available). Are suitable for storage and transportation of a hardware, the metalwork tool, fine details, the small equipment etc. Internal sizes: length – 500 mm, width – 250 mm, board height – 150 mm, the price is over one piece90 rub (in cash). Bargaining. Chelyabinsk region, Chelyabinsk Total about about 450 pieces. LLC Albatros Russia, South Ural, Chelyabinsk 8(351) 795-59-66, honeycombs. 8-951-447-99-41, 8-963-073-51-39., Skype: ilbaev230270
      2017-11-09 / CHelyabinsk
    15. Termoizolyaciya
      Termasmast pro-C - 6 (452 M. U petuha.) 12-metrovye rubli Termasmast pro-C - 10 (376 M. U petuha.) 13-metrovye rubli Termasmast pro-C - 12 (280 M. U petuha.) Metry 14 rublei Termasmast pro-C - 15 (220 M. U petuha.)16-metrovye rubli Termasmast pro-C - 18 (180 M. U petuha.) Oni byt` metrami za 18 rublei
      2017-11-01 / Rostov-na-Donu
    16. Zhiroulovitel from the producer with post-payment
      The widest choice Zhiroulovitelya in Moscow. The unique price = from the 3795th a rub/sale / Are suitable as under a sink for cafe or restaurant / the private house — from the producer, available in Moscow and with free shipping to any region of the Russian Federation. You call and receive the uniqueprice offer. ============================== ADVANTAGES and benefit of PURCHASE FROM us: DELIVERY is possible WITHIN 1 HOUR. PAYMENT AFTER DELIVERY CASH, B/CASH. The FULL PACKAGE of the CLOSING DOCUMENTS FOR SUPERVISORY AUTHORITIES. ============================ Our ZHIROULOVITEL'S ADVANTAGES: ============================ The full tightness, doesn't flow. Doesn't rust,doesn't decay. Extreme simplicity of installation. Low price from the producer. Long service life (not less than 50 years). Water purification on the weighed particles — 98,06%. Water purification on fats — 86,7%. Own Russian production. Guarantee 24 months. Free shipping across Moscow andall Russia. Delivery payment after delivery to you. AVAILABLE IN MOSCOW ============================ you can independently take away a zhiroulovitel in our warehouses in Moscow. We carry out delivery of a zhiroulovitel to your address in Moscow. Delivery cost - it is free. ======================================================== We carry out deliveryzhiroulovitel across all Russia. Delivery cost to any region of Russia — it is free. Zhirouloviteli always AVAILABLE. Production is certified. It is possible to issue orders by phone or on our website. As to find us in Yandex: gather Econetworks
      2017-10-27 / Moskva
    17. Installation for knocking-out of dust from carpets
      to 12kv/m
      2017-10-18 / Moskva
    18. Effective heating of barrels and capacities from the Impuls company
      The innovative company "Impuls" proposes a flexible solution of the problem of heating of barrels and capacities - superficial infrared Fleksikhit heaters. Superficial heaters are used to a warming up of products in plastic and metal barrels, cubes, capacities, canisters, etc., in the conditions of the industrial platform without fear of fusion of a cover. Maximumtemperature of heating is 80 °C. Main advantages of use of Fleksikhit heaters to heating of barrels and capacities: mobility and simplicity of installation and operation, uniform warming up on all surface of capacity, profitability, a possibility of regulation of temperature, the optimum price and safety.
      2017-10-12 / YArovoe
    19. Coil of an electromagnet of IZhMV(BT2) 684432.003 380B
      LLC Talprom the Coil to an electromagnet of IZhMV(BT2) 684432.003 380B carries out production and sale, also this coil can be used in MIS5100 magnets as is interchangeable. Also we can offer other spare parts to electric roofing felts Russian, Bulgarian andChinese production.
      2017-10-07 / Ul`yanovsk
    20. Mednaya truba
      Pipe copper 18kh1,0mmkh3m. In bars. The price for meter. Production China. HAILIANG GROUP CHINA - the producer of production, largest in China, from copper and its alloys. Production of the company is delivered more than to 60 countries of the world. Quality control at each production phase is exercisedaccording to requirements of ISO (International Organizationfor Standardization) that guarantees stable high quality. All pipes are certified and meet the requirements of the ASTMB280 standards (The American Society for Testing Materials), the European norms of EN, GOST P 52318-2005 and GOST 617-2006.
      2017-10-03 / Rostov-na-Donu
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