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    9. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACTIONS ON MASSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Dear friends Due to the forthcoming holidays I want to please you with NEW YEAR'S ACTIONS Female joy: The general massage (a side leg back) the sculptural modeling facial massage (a decollete zone a neck the person) = 1200 rubles (instead of 1500 rubles) Such massagewill become an excellent gift for your mother, the girlfriend, the chief or the wife 1 1 = 3: Acquiring two gift certificates for any kinds of massage, as a gift you receive the third certificate (on massage of a back) absolutely free of charge Festive sack: Having come onmassage from 13.12.17 till 28.12.17, you have an opportunity to participate in an action and to win one of cool prizes (a discount in 10% / 20% for a massage session / course; FREE MASSAGE; and many other things) Also you can acquire the GIFT CERTIFICATEon any action These actions are held from 13.12.17 till 28.12.17 MANAGE to TAKE PART Phone for record: 79788315737 - Love
      2017-12-10 / Sevastopol`
    10. Massage, peeling, wrappings on departure
      Massage on departure only across Sochi I Carry out such types of massage kak-Klassichesky massage, Sports, Lymphatic drainage, massage for pregnant women, Baby massage, the French, Reobilitatsyony massage Various wrappings, peelings and face peel. Experience of 7 years Is the Diploma and the certificate of the massage therapist
      2017-12-08 / Sochi
    11. Massage only adult
      To men and women. Massage is the general, on all body with oil, the Turkish soap massage peeling, bodi-massage, juicy technicians. I come out to any territory convenient to you, to the house, hotel, a sauna.
      2017-11-27 / Anapa
    12. Massage in the special equipment
      Massage, visceral chiropractic, manual therapy, osteopathy, the help at prostate adenoma, removal of pains, restoration
      2017-11-20 / Labinsk
    13. The diplomaed Massage therapist with experience more than 15 years
      The diplomaed Massage therapist with experience more than 15 years. Medical education Professional massage at home: The general, anti-cellulite, classical, weakening, medical, strengthening, children's, massage on zones and departments (lumbar krescovyi, cervical departments, etc.) foot massage, massage after operations, massage at paralyzes, a cerebral palsywith the LFK elements and manual therapy. The weakening and restoring massage after work, etc. Not salon. I work across all Moscow and area, I also take orders for evening.
      2017-11-19 / Moskva
    14. Massazh dlya vsei` sem`i 😊😊
      I offer services of the massage therapist. Classical medical and improving, can, honey, children's, anti-cellulite - modeling (wrappings). I receive (supsekh), at cozy to a quiet situation at home, departure to the client on the house is possible. All questions on bodies.
      2017-11-16 / Anapa
    15. Massage #dobryezabotlivyeruki departure on the house. An exclusive - the Tibetan massage.
      Here also the autumn time has come... And WHO WANTS to PLEASE HIMSELF with the pleasant moments, to be loaded with energy of health, to RELAX and at the same time to SHAPE UP?!!! Always to your attention: * The rejuvenating massage - face lifting, necks and zones of a decollete a mask on the basis of slime of snailsas a gift - 700 rubles, duration of a session is 30 minutes. * Massage lifting of a stomach - 500 rubles, duration of a session is 30 minutes. * Massazh-antitsellyulit (complex) - 600 rubles, duration of a session is 40 minutes. And also... I offer unique service - exclusive Ancient Chinese MASSAGE of "guash".* The general massage of a body (the head, a neck, a back, hands and legs) - 1500 rubles, duration of a session is 1-1,5 hours. * Massage of a sheynovorotnikovy zone and a back - 500 rubles, duration of a session is 30-40 minutes. * Foot massage - 700 rubles, duration of a session is 30-40 minutes.Ancient Chinese massage of "guash" is necessary today if you watch over the health. Massage eliminates developments of stagnation thanks to what work of internals is normalized. The procedure intensifies communications between bodies, makes impact on an organism in general, gives general weakening, improving and toningeffect. MASSAGE - the best way to get rid of a stress and pain, to strengthen health and to prolong youth. And PLEASANTLY it is ALSO USEFUL!!!
      2017-11-06 / Krasnoyarsk
    16. Relaksmassaz from the masseur of the pro
      All types of massage. jromassaz till a logical conclusion in your or neutral territory (3000 rub an hour). there is an express option (2000 rub for 1 session). to call from 12:00 till 22:00. I don't answer SMS.
      2017-10-24 / Taganrog
    17. Old Slavic massage.
      I offer the balanced package of services on care of a body and a face. Your body will become beautiful and attractive. The higher medical education, experience is more than 10 years. Details and record by phone.
      2017-10-17 / Moskva
    18. The Grevitrin exercise machine - Pass ORTO for treatment of pain in a back, a neck and a waist at adults and children
      Modification of the small-sized ORTO exercise machine "Grevitrin — Pass" is intended for treatment of diseases of a backbone of the house, the condition of traction of a backbone is created by movement of a head restraint under the influence of the weight of the head which is freely lying on him. The fundamental difference of this model from standard modification of the Grevitrin — Pass exercise machine isexistence of an orthopedic head restraint of ORTO. The head restraint creates comfortable conditions for extension according to physiological bends of a backbone at each person. The mode of use of the Grevitrin — Pass device of ORTO in medical process occurs in house conditions. The Grevitrin device helps with treatment of diseases of a backbonewithout operation in house conditions at adults and children. It is applied both in the course of treatment, and to further prevention of a backbone and joints. "GREVITRIN exercise machine" is effective in treatment of a backbone the List of diseases backbone Osteochondrosis Scoliosis Intervertebral hernias and protrusions lumbar and chestspondilolistez (sliding of a vertebra) Shmorl Vospaleniye's Hernia of a sciatic nerve Vertebrogenny headaches Vertebrovestibulyarny syndrome.
      2017-10-14 / Moskva
    19. Lymphatic drainage massage
      Lymphatic drainage massage has the expressed improving effect as the main function of this massage is a conclusion of excessive intercellular liquid. Lymphatic drainage massage removes hypostases and corrects a figure due to establishing exchange processes. As a result of procedures of lymphatic drainage massage lymphatic ways are cleaned, liquid begins the movement,the intercellular space is cleaned, cages begin to breathe, blood circulation and a metabolism improves. The full course of a lymphatic drainage includes about 6-10 sessions, but the positive effect becomes noticeable at once. After the first procedure pleasant heat, ease in legs, inflow of cheerfulness are felt, the mood improves. And laterthe second or third sessions hypostases disappear, "orange-peel" begins to be smoothed, the skin color is leveled, extra kilos leave. And the conducted full course of a lymphatic drainage from 10-12 procedures allows to get rid substantially of cellulitis, to facilitate venous insufficiency, to eliminate puffiness and withering of skin of any sites of the personand bodies, carrying out aging prevention.
      2017-10-12 / Samara
    20. Live long and without pain.
      I offer the massage restoring spiritual balance and forces with elements of the most ancient receptions Taoist and acupressure. Professionally all types and methods of massage. The certified specialist (a training in India). Having fallen into my gentle hands you will forget about pains, spiritual experiences, a depression.
      2017-10-04 / Smolensk
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