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  4. Brendovye stroitel`nye materialy, oborudovanie, santehnika

    2018-09-04 / Moskva
  5. otdelka okonnyh otkosov

    2018-07-27 / Lima
  6. Postavki oborudovaniya dlya sistem vodosnabzheniya, vodootvedeniya, otopleniya

    2018-06-22 / Moskva
  7. Truba PND D110mm SDR 13,6

    2018-06-17 / Moskva
  8. Novaya tualetnaya kabina Ecostyle - jekonom`te den`gi!

    2018-04-14 / Moskva
  9. Dushevaya kabina b/u nagreet vodu za 30 minut!

    2018-04-10 / Moskva
  10. Zapchasti dushevyh kabin,remont,sborka

    2018-03-29 / Moskva
  11. Pipe Polyethylene From the Producer
    I will sell polyethylene pipes (water, gas) from the producer. A pipe from primary raw materials for drinking water, always available m Bays 50, 100 and 200 Pipe PE 100 SDR 11 - 20*2,0 Pipe PE 100 SDR 13,6 - 25*2,0 Pipe PE 100SDR 17 - 32*2,0 Pipe PE 100 SDR 17 - 40*2,4 Pipe PE 100 SDR 17 - 50*3,0 Pipe PE 100 SDR 17 - 63*3,8 Pipe PE 100 SDR 17 - 90*5,4 Pipe PE 100 SDR 17 - 110*6,6On sale there is also cast fitting. We issue the passport and the certificate of quality. All sizes at your service! The price is reduced, possible sale from the legal entity (with the VAT) Delivery!!! Free shipping is possible! To all regions of Tatarstan (Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Yelabuga, Almetyevsk, Zainsk,Chistopol) FROM the PRODUCER, the DISCOUNT!!! On any questions call! I will answer at any time! It is applied: - for water supply systems, - for wells, - for protection of an electrocable, - for watering of gardens, kitchen gardens. - for drinking water supply. We respect your time thereforewe carry out shipment to days off and holidays. Related queries: a pipe pnd, a pipe pe100, a pipe pj, a pipe from polyethylene, a plastic pipe, a sewer pipe, a pipe drinking, the pipe sdr, pipe SDR
    2017-11-08 / Naberezhnye CHelny
  12. Santekh of work
    tree. Guarantee!!! Good prices!!!
    2017-10-18 / Korolyov
  13. Capacity of plastic 1000 liters
    Capacity plastic for water of 1000 liters
    2017-10-12 / Krasnoyarsk
  14. Registers bimetal and aluminum! cheaper doesn't happen!
    We sell aluminum and bimetallic, pig-iron registers! available and under the order! we buy pig-iron second-hand batteries! we take out we take out!
    2017-07-25 / Tomsk
  15. Nasosy, SM, JCV NMS A13V, Yn, CVK, NPK CMK VVN ND, D,, GNOM,
    Pumps of a bilateral entrance of type D. Submersible ETsV borehole pumps. Condensate pumps like Ks, NKU. Chemical pumps with a flowing part from cast iron, the titan, rubber, carbonaceous and stainless steel like X, HM, HE, HO, AH, AHO, AHE, AHP, AHPE, TsG.Pumps drainage for the polluted waters like GNOME, ANS, TsMK, TsMF. Pumps fecal for a waste massnykh of waters of the CM, SD, SDV type. Oil pumps gear and three-screw type Sh, NMSh, A13V. Vortex pumps (including for gasoline) the VK, VKS, ASVN, ASTsL type. Pumpsdosing of stainless steel like ND. Multistage TsNS, TsNSG pumps. Pumps Grundfos, WILO industrial and household.
    2017-06-29 / Tver`
  16. Latches. Shutoff, pipeline valves in Tver
    We offer from a warehouse in Tver and under the order: The locking, regulating and safety fittings, instrumentations. You will be able to get from us: heat meters, water counters, filters, pressure regulators, tanks broad, separators, electric drives, convertersexpense (flowmeters), temperature sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, elevators, PREM, VKT, gryazevik, kondensatootvodchik, flexible inserts (vibrocompensators), frequency converters, regulators of temperature, latch, latch 30s41nzh, locks, thermomanometers,naporomer, thermometers, valve, gates, cranes spherical, sensors of temperature and pressure, temperature regulators, manometers, devices Electrodes. Latches are maple, parallel, shiberny. Cranes are spherical, pith checkpoints, conical checkpoints. Valves are locking, the return, safety, regulating, gate-type.firefighters. Gates. Hydrants fire and supports. Couplings are fire-prevention. Pumps and fire motor-pumps. Plumbing fixtures. Water counters. Systems of automatic fire extinguishing. Fire hoses
    2017-06-29 / Tver`
  17. I sell m / pl.trubu
    I sell m / pl.trubu to Henko a bay of 100 meters the Country: Belgium Structure: PE-Xc/AL/PE-Xs (the sewed polyethylene / a glue layer / an aluminum layer / a glue layer / the sewed polyethylene). Thickness of an aluminum layer: 0,4 mm. Scope: systems of heating and water supply. Working temperature: to 95 °C. Working pressure: to 10
    2016-12-12 / Sochi
  18. Retail network of Akvaduk plumbing fixtures - the center of the best prices!
    . Akvaduk is a retail network of plumbing fixtures and spare parts with the best assortment offer in Moscow. We are open as for ordinary buyers who need to install high-quality branded plumbing fixtures for reasonable prices, and for plumbers and the erection teams which are carrying out installations anycomplexity degrees. We have picked up reliable plumbing fixtures on the most different purse – from elite offers for private estates and penthouses, to plumbing fixtures to hostels and the budgetary new buildings. Pay attention to the prices in our shop – at permanently high quality of the presented goodswe have the most democratic prices among similar trading floors. On all production bought in our shop we give a guarantee, we apply flexible schemes of payment and we carry out free shipping to the specified address quickly in precisely specified time. The shop of inexpensive Akvaduk plumbing fixtures invitesTo make you a purchase and to estimate low prices, the European quality and the highest level of service! Afford high quality of life for reasonable prices. We are glad to all! We wait for you from 8:00 till 20:00 without interruption and days off
    2016-12-10 / Zelenograd
  19. Installation of engineering communications (heating, water supply, the sewerage) in Arkhangelsk
    The company the Autonomous house offers a full range of services in the sphere of engineering communications of houses, buildings and any other objects. Sale of coppers, septic tanks and other equipment, installation and service of systems of heating, water supply, the sewerage, and also any sanitary works in the Arkhangelsk region.
    2016-07-15 / Arhangel`sk
  20. Latch of Du500
    Latch of Du500 Ru25, pig-iron, VAG, flanges of Du500-2sht., fixing bolts. Klinovy two-disk with a sliding spindle.
    2016-06-30 / Tula
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