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    4. Remont lyustr i svetil`nikov

      2018-05-06 / Tomsk
    5. Uslugi santehnika v Tyumeni

      2018-02-16 / Tyumen`

    6. 2018-02-13 /
    7. Wiring in Yaroslavl and area.
      The Yarmontazh company carries out all range of electric installation work in Yaroslavl and area, from household repair of an electrical wiring before laying of the VULTURE line or installation of boards LIE. Our experts have wide professional experience of work in the private and state companies, andare ready to develop for you the optimum project, considering all wishes at the price and complexity. We cooperate with large suppliers of the equipment and we can save your money on materials, and the flexible hours will allow to carry out all works when it is convenientto you.
      2017-11-01 / YAroslavl`
    8. Remont audio-video, dvd, magnitofonov, muz. centrov. Vyezd
      Urgent repair with departure on the house of audio-video of household electronic appliances across Moscow Repair of tape recorders and vhs players, dvd of players and recorders, audio systems, a karaoke, the tv vhs televideo units, monoblocks of dvd vhs, TVs, etc. Help in connection and setup of the equipment. The master leaves toto you on the house. Any district of Moscow. Without days off. Free consultation on phone.
      2017-10-19 / Moskva
    9. Repair of vhs tape recorders, audio systems, dvd. Departure. Moscow
      Repair of audio-video of household electronic appliances with departure on the house across all Moscow. Repair of videorecorders vhs, dvd of players and recorders, players of plates (vinyl disks), audio systems, karaoke, tv vhs televideo units, monoblocks of dvd vhs, TVs, etc. Help in connection and setup of the equipment. Mastercomes out to you to the house. Any district of Moscow. Without days off. Free consultation, preliminary and urgent record on repair by contact phones.
      2017-10-06 / Moskva
    10. Service in repair
      Production of keys in 5 minutes. Repair of umbrellas. Repair of footwear. Repair of bags, suitcases, backpacks. Sharpening of knives, scissors. We make small repair only. Kt. Spartak, Marshak St. 9
      2017-08-18 / Alushta
      We repair WASHING machines Free diagnostics AT HOME at consent to repair (electronic engineers, electricians, mechanics) of Dishwashing and Washing machines of all firms and models of any complexity. Quickly, qualitatively, with a guarantee, not expensively. Departure as in day of the address soand in any day and time, convenient for you. You call: (066)-067-07-02; (072)-110-99-22 Andrey
      2017-08-17 / Lugansk
    12. Laying of a tile, plumber, installation of a water supply system
      Laying of a tile, the plumber, installation of a water supply system, tiled works to call on 89O8673597O, 8953O918586
      2017-06-30 / Armavir
    13. Installation and repair of conditioners in Sevastopol and suburb.
      Rabota proveryet drenaznoi sistemy; v predmetah pervoi neobhodimosti dozapravkah Freonom.
      2017-06-11 / Sevastopol`
    14. Upholstery Repair of Furniture in St. Petersburg
      Professional upholstery, repair of furniture. Replacement of fabric, springs, mechanisms, fillers, repair of frameworks, gluing together. Big range of furniture fabrics. We will make quickly and qualitatively
      2017-04-11 / Peterburg
    15. SPB urgent repair of juice extractors
      The company Lenprotekh carries out repair of the mobile equipment directly at you at home or at office. (some works are performed only in a workshop) you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices and speed of implementation of orders. For all works we provide a guarantee till 1 year. We make:Replacement of a touchscreen (glass) Replacement of the display (screen) Replacement of the display module Replacement and repair of loudspeakers Replacement and repair of microphones Replacement of the case Replacement with this and cards of connectors Replacement of sockets Replacement and restoration of coaxial cables Replacement and restoration of loops Restoration after a zalitiya Restorationsoftware to Razlochk
      2017-02-11 / Sankt-Peterburg
    16. The electrician without drozhzhzha
      Team of the skilled, qualified electricians will perform any works with voltage from 0.4 to 6 kV. (transfer of counters, sockets. switches, lamps, chandeliers, sockets, distributing of conducting in apartments, probros cables 0.4-6kB, installation of connecting and trailer couplings).
      2017-01-16 / Novocherkassk
    17. Installation of plumbing fixtures
      Let's execute installation of plumbing fixtures of any kind, and we will also help to calculate, to deliver and mount system of heating.
      2017-01-10 / Krasnodar
    18. The easiest way to make excellent repair
      What for you repair? Constant control for workers. Thousands of lost nervous cages. Continuously growing estimate. Eternal shortage of building materials and about ten more similar "pleasures". Whether so it actually? Call us! - And already tomorrow we will convince you inthe return. We undertake all standard cares. You need only to celebrate a housewarming!
      2016-12-28 / Tver`
    19. To glue wall-paper, free measurement
      Hello. The private master will execute an accurate pokleyka of wall-paper without intermediaries in all districts of Kiev and the suburb. Pokleyka flizelinovykh of wall-paper, paper, pokleyka of vinyl wall-paper and others. Also I offer preparatory work for the subsequent pasting or painting. I guarantee: seamless pasting by wall-paper, absenceglue spots on wall-paper, lack of air bubbles and professional undercutting. My experience - 11 years. The workmate has about 15 years. To glue wall-paper qualitatively, reliably and responsibly.
      2016-12-08 / Kiev
    20. Plaster works Moscow and MO
      That we can offer you: • Production and installation of windows • Plastering of rooms in the manual and machine way; That we plaster: internal walls and ceilings, in warm season – facades. What objects: apartments, at home, offices, garages, production objects Terms of works: minimumTechnology: - Preparation of a surface, priming, - Installation of beacons - Plastering - Removal of beacons - Plastering strob - Glossing (there where it is necessary) • A floor coupler; • Gypsum cardboard installation; • Installation electricians. Quality assurance: for all performed work we giveguarantee of 5 years. * We work across Moscow and the Moscow region (to 100 km from MKAD)
      2016-11-23 / Moskva
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    Home / Services and activities / household repairs

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