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    4. Video filming and photographing of holidays
      Hello! Rada to offer you the services. I remove: - weddings; - anniversaries; - children's and adult birthdays, anniversaries; - morning performances; - office parties; - commercials; - and many other things. Experience of video filming - 10 years. The price almost always depends on the number of film-making hours and complexitytasks. Also the price includes video-tape editing of your action. To learn the price, write or call me, it doesn't oblige to anything you, and it will be pleasant to me to you to explain everything. Also at us discounts and actions work, there is a professional photographer,if you need several services. Call, write! We will choose optimum conditions and the prices for everyone. Also there is a portfolio. I will be glad to you to help! There is ph., whatsapp.
      2017-12-16 / Moskva
    5. Children's birthday, organization and carrying out
      The brightest children's holidays with the festive agency "Fokus-Pokus"! Organization of turnkey children's holidays! - The widest choice of characters animators: The troll Rozochka, Engri Berds, Moana, Fiksiki, Pepp, Batman's Mumps, Ninja turtles, Spider-Man, Dandies and many others … - "Trasformera's Robots", -"The Paralonovy show" -"Paperdisco, - "Scientific and krio a show", - "A show of soap bubbles with fire and smoke", - "Show tesla", - "Master classes", a face painting and other services. Unique scenarios, the widest choice of programs for any children's holiday!
      2017-12-14 / Kursk
    6. "Black Angels" Banquet halls karaokes
      I have opened banquet halls karaokes of "Black Angels". The comfortable hall on 30-40 people for your actions. The best a karaoke club for sincere rest: qualitative sound and lighting engineering, big base of musical compositions, more than 50 000 songs, background vocals. We wait for you to the address: Ryazan of Kasimovskoye St.highway, 67a, BC Sfera. You can reserve a little table or agree about rent of the hall, having called us by phone at any time: 7 (4912) 504 - 904.
      2017-12-14 / Ryazan`
    7. Conjurer, illusionist, large micromagician.
      The monotony has bothered, there is a wish for what that the newcomer? Bring in the holiday an element mysterious and mysterious, an element of fascinating and improbable magic, having invited to themselves to the conjurer's action. The conjurer Vladimir Golyandin, will present to your guests an improbable magic show! Will surprise your guests, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Addsurprise element in your action!
      2017-12-01 / Kazan`
    8. Catalog of professionals of the festive industry
      Facebanket - the online catalog of professionals of the festive industry. On the website Facebanket you can find the Pro for the organization of the action. Wedding, anniversary, office party. It is possible to organize everything. You needed to pass to the website Facebanket and to be registered as the guest. Also you can leave the order.The pro will address you! Organize the holiday with us!
      2017-10-25 / Moskva
    9. 7 100 rubles of economy from the cost of a New Year's office party"
      Up to 7 150 rubles of economy at the order of a New Year's office party till November 1. We suggest you to think of the organization of your New Year's office party already now, and for this purpose we have reduced the price for 20% for the organization and carrying out your holiday.
      2017-10-25 / Ekaterinburg
    10. Contact zoo. children's holidays. life-size puppets. performances.
      Contact zoo (rabbits, pig, chickens, chickens, duckling, gooses, hedgehog, turtle, iguana, python, kid, raccoon, etc.), children's holidays, programs. Professional doll performances of theater of life-size puppets for children and adults. a disco, graduation parties for any age.
      2017-10-18 / Krasnodar
    11. Cygane, cyganskoe sou.medved`.
      The Gipsy show "to Sara of Rohm", "A gold horseshoe" is an incendiary, fabulous, interactive Gipsy show with dances and songs which will decorate any celebration. Bewitching sounds of a violin, guitar and accordion will make an action unforgettable. The only Gipsy show in the south of Russia working in live execution. By request tothe Gipsy show can invite a live bear. The repertoire • Incendiary dances • Sincere romances • An interactive with guests • An interactive with newlyweds (hero of the anniversary) Dlitelnost of the program is from 30 minutes till 3 o'clock Structure from 3 to10 people: Soloist guitar Soloist tambourine Violinist Bayanist Gipsy dancers from 3 to 6.
      2017-10-18 /
    12. Children's holidays. contact zoo. life-size puppets. performances.
      The organization and carrying out children's holidays, final in gardens, schools and not only! Well and as the Birthday without cheerful animator in a suit of the favourite character or a life-size puppet. Present to your kid the sea of emotions from a meeting, acquaintance and games with the herofrom the favourite animated film. In the program we consider everything your wishes and age features of children. Except a show of programs, doll performances, life-size puppets, interactive performances and master classes, we will offer the huge list of additional services for carrying out children's holidays of birthdays: registration by spheres, cakeand other sweets, a sharzhist, photo video, the cotton candy device, huge soap bubbles, apples in caramel, chocolate fountains, juice pyramids and fountains, gifts, etc. Ordering several options, you receive notable benefit! If necessary we can organize thematic parties for teenagers, having turnedattention to the directions interesting them. Popular quests and intellectual games, such as mafia or a crocodile, a teenage disco, a party in any styles. Karaoke. Contact zoo.
      2017-10-18 / Krasnodar
    13. The best children's show with animals, departure on the house across Krasnoyarsk at a discount 25%
      Do you want to organize a holiday, to order the clown or the animator for children's birthday, the professional of the business, but you don't know what to begin with? Don't worry we will help you to organize and spend holidays, children's holidays, a children's birthday as at home, in cafe, andin a garden, and outdoors. Little guests will be delighted with a magic meeting with a live rabbit, a pink poodle, pass begemotiky and also the African hedgehog! Our clowns - a guarantee of impetuous fun and improbable children's happiness on a long-awaited holiday!, the Prices are available to all, and everyonecan order to the child the real children's holiday!, Svetlana
      2017-10-10 / Krasnoyarsk
    14. Romances, national, Cossack, military songs, guitar, bayan
      You will hear the favourite songs without soundtracks and laptops. Launch ensemble 89032421611 Moscow
      2017-09-23 / Moskva
    15. Restaurant of east kitchen "East Star"
      Our restaurant with the great pleasure we suggest you to have a good time. For you two huge halls for holding banquets, weddings or holidays. Cozy cabins for the small companies where nobody will prevent you. Your children will be able to play in our children's corner. Alsoat East Star restaurant there are always animators who will occupy our little guests with fascinating games. In warm season at East Star restaurant the summer verandah opens. You will be surrounded by beautiful flowers, fir-trees and trees. In the main hall of ours restaurant the space is allocatedfor preparation of shish kebabs. You will be able to choose any meat for preparation and also to watch all process. Our restaurant to be between the city of Lyubertsy and the residential district Zhulebino. In his most green part. At us surely it will be pleasant to you!
      2017-08-13 / Lyubercy
    16. Guitar Russian romance bayan Cossack military national song
      To the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar and a bayan you will hear the favourite songs as they sounded in good old times, without soundtracks and laptops. Launch ensemble - music for you. 89032421611 Evgeny. Moscow. More than 500 songs by heart, polyphony. The higher musical education:RAM of Gnesiny.
      2017-07-24 / Moskva
    17. Rent of tents
      The company of Alfatent is engaged in leasing of tents for exit holidays, exhibitions, exit conferences. If you the owner of cafe or restaurant, then for the summer period are especially necessary to you tents. Clients during a summer time prefer to drink a coffee cup on the street, sitting incool shadow and watching passersby. In our assortment there are tents of the most different forms, the sizes and coloring. If you need several tents, then we can also provide up to 20 pieces. We render services of delivery, installation, analysis and a uvoz of tents. Thereforeyou shouldn't worry about it, you can plunge into a holiday completely.
      2017-07-10 / Moskva
    18. Virtual reality for children Tomsk
      The NEW PROGRAM of ENTERTAINMENTS to CHILDREN IN TOMSK. Exit attraction Virtual island. You want something brand new from entertainments for children at birthday? The BEAUTIFUL, INTERESTING AND SPECTACULAR ATTRACTION – "The VIRTUAL ISLAND" AT YOUR PLACE! The most fascinating in attractions of Virtual reality— it is a team (joint) game in which players being in virtual reality compete with those who is in real. Very interestingly! Having put on a VR font of PlayStation VR, you will be able to invite to a TV screen of the friends – Together you will plunge into the world of fascinating antagonismsand team games. You are waited by attractions "The monster on freedom", amusing funny things of "Cat and mouse", frightening tests in "The house with ghosts", extremely topical adventures in a platformer for several players "Robots rescuers" and a travel on the gangster Wild West in "Search!" — but don't forget to lookbehind impudent tricks of virtual robots. Cost is from 1999 rub/hour on group. References by phone (for Residents of Tomsk) to Issue the free test on the official site the Virtual island Tomsk. * – it is convenient to organize an exit attraction at home or in cafe * supportand maintenance by the animator * more than 30 entertainment programs which will be interesting to both girls and boys * individual programs of entertainments for different age * modern technologies of virtual reality open new impressions on virtual travel * favourably to organize the program for half an hour andmore * unites all attendees * interesting and unusual photos from an action
      2017-06-10 / Tomsk
    19. The equipment for pizza in a cone (kono-pizza)
      KONO-PITsTsA is a new format of pizza in a cone as an ice cream horn, from yeast dough with stuffings for pizza! It is a new successful product in the sphere fast food! Conical pizza surpasses classical pizza in taste, it juicy and crackling to the lastpiece, it is convenient to snatch her a meal, at office, at home and even in the car. Neither the table, nor a chair, nor a knife, nor a fork is necessary! This innovative decision which has allowed to unite distinctive features of two such known Italian dishes in one product aspizza and morozhennoye-horn. The equipment for production and realization of kono-pizza can be ordered on the website:
      2017-06-06 / Moskva
    20. Summer camp "Hurrah! Vacation!"
      Dear friends! "KIWI" invites you to take part in new changes of the camp which will pass in Samara of Sovetskoy Armii St. from June 12 to August 28. From 8-00 till 19-00 you at work, and your child without supervision? If your child has nothing to be engagedthis summer, and you have at all no time to entertain him, then to you precisely to us. In our camp "Hurrah! Vacation!" every day new interesting subject and day of repetition. In playful way we will realize the child's potential, we will develop sports interest, andalso dancing, acting and vocal skills. During the whole time of children waits for a lot of interesting and gifts on the end of change. Our advantages: - Leaders with pedagogical education and experience - Development of new skills - Small group to 10 people -Safety. Each child under supervision. - Interesting pastime with advantage - Fascinating master classes (culinary, creative, etc.), - Interesting circles in the directions (origami, beadwork and dr), - the Joint entertaining and developing games - New acquaintances and friends - the Pleasant situationSovetskoy Armii 120 St., Hurry! The number of places is limited!
      2017-06-02 / Samara
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