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Список объявление в категории Строительные материалы / Герметики, Мастики

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  5. Germetik BP-G

    2018-10-02 / Moskva
  6. Kupit` germetik. Tiokolovyi` germetik Bilast

    2018-09-28 / Podol`sk
  7. Tiokolovyi` germetik Bilast

    2018-07-29 / Moskva
  8. SHpaklevka po derevu SMEs

    2018-03-02 / Voskresensk
  9. Anticorrosive mastic Vector 1025
    Two-component mastic of cold hardening on the basis of synthetic pitches. It is used as soil under the majority of LKM for protection against atmospheric corrosion and as an independent corrosion-resistant coating for pipelines, river transport, railway cars, a metalwork. "TT" - the Official dealer of LLC NPK Kurs-OT (anticorrosivemastics Vector: mastic 1025, mastic 1214, mastic 1236; composition the Highway – waterproofing protection without use of solvents - for cameras) in the territory of the Irkutsk region, the Republic of Buryatia (Ulan-Ude, Severobaykalsk) and Tyva (Kyzyl), Zabaykalsky Krai (Chita), Southern Sakhalins
    2017-03-13 / YUzhno-Sahalinsk
  10. LLC AKVATRON-BHK — production of the waterproofing materials
    Have equipped your garden, having improved it the new pool? And you have taken care of that he has been competently moisture-proof? It is the important factor deciding all further "destiny" of the pool. If you carry out the similar procedure? using the most modern materials, the pool not only won't demandrepair many years, but also will increase all the internal characteristics! The Akvatron company suggests you to use innovative material with the similar name. Why you need him? Our product will provide to your pool the highest level of water tightness, tightness, will increase durability of all surfaces, will protectfrom korroziya, will present excellent frost resistance and durability for your comfort! Also, Akvatron will saturate any surface so that inside any fungus will never break through, so - you will forever get rid of unpleasant feelings and diseases! 100%
    2016-10-26 / Moskva
  11. CJSC Blokform - production of polyurethane materials
    You need favorable conditions of purchase without quality loss? It is necessary to get a large number a sandwich panel from PPU or to make mass purchase of chemical production? Pay attention to the company CJSC Blokform producer, they will be able to provide you the most positive conditions, the most democratic prices andthe best service at all stages of your acquisition. Twenty years of extensive experience have helped CJSC Blokform to enter the market by the leading company in the branch and to be responsible surely for the quality, services and the final product. Environmental friendliness, certification and usability won't leave indifferentany consumer.
    2016-10-10 / Moskva
  12. Painting by dispersion.
    Putting paint, mastics, anticorrosive structures ON ANY SURFACES in the conditions of ANY COMPLEXITY. We use very powerful Grago King Extrim 60 high-pressure apparatuses for dispersion. Our equipment allows us to make drawing coverings with the high content of particles, without solvent. Big productivitytechnicians, lack of an excessive consumption of material do such painting rather favorable to you. Coloring productivity in day - about 500 sq.m. In case of putting mastic we take orders from 100 sq.m.
    2016-02-28 / Rostov-na-Donu
  13. Mixes Lahta
    Dry construction repair mixes Lahta repair structure basic, Lahta fast repair, Lahta repair structure thin layer, Lahta repair structure of RS, Lahta an additive in KMD concrete. Wholesale prices, shipment to all regions of Russia.
    2015-02-05 / Moskva
  14. Rolled waterproofing
    Rolled waterproofing materials: Filigiz To, Filigiz P, Gidrostekloizol, Ruflex Master, Elastoizol Standart, Elastoizol, Optim, Steklomast, Gidroizol, Aysiteks the Master, Bireplast Optim, Bireplast Norma, Steklopolikr, Steklopoliizol always available at wholesale factory prices. Shipment to all regions of Russia.
    2015-02-04 / Moskva
  15. Polyurethane sealants and gidrofobizator, cleaners of facades. "Saz"
    On sealants under the Sazi trademark (Russia) SAZILAST-13 (colors: beige, white, gray) - Unicomponent polyurethane sealant. It is intended for seal of deformation seams. SAZILAST-24 - Two-component polyurethane sealant. It is intended for seal of interpanel seams. The GUN for Master Almaz Sealant - For drawing unicomponentsealant of 600 ml. Stiz – 20 - Two-component (thiocol, Butyl, Holmet) weed sulphidic sealant. TIPROM OF - a cleaner of facades from salt deposits, the remains of cement mortar and atmospheric pollution is intended for secondary sealing of double-glazed windows at manual drawing On gidrofobizator under the Sazi trademark (Russia).TIPROM PLUS - a cleaner of facades from strong atmospheric pollution and salt deposits of TIPROM U - waters of dirt-resistant and antiseptic properties to a brick, concrete, plaster, etc. TIPROM K LUXURY - strongly waters of dirt-resistant and antiseptic properties to a brick, concrete, plaster andetc. TIPROM OTs - a cleaner of facades from the remains of the TIPROM masonry solution M - Giving to a brick, paving slabs, finishing stone - wet effect or a look "wet kameny" MASSTIKA (LIQUID RUBBER) FOR the ROOF WATERPROOFING UNDER the Dels TRADEMARK (RUSSIA) DELS® - For the device of coveringswith the increased stretching coefficient, for the difficult mobile bases, low temperatures of operation and application. DeL`S VR® - For the device of coverings in difficult climatic conditions with the increased humidity, frequent rainfall. Maybe it is applied on the damp basis, or hoarfrost. DeL`S AF® - For the devicecoverings on objects with increased requirements to fire safety.
    2015-02-18 / Tashkent
  16. The mastics pressurizing
    Izhora MBP G Shm75, Izhora MBR G90, Izhora BP G50, Izhora BP G35, Izhora BP G25, Izhora NP 01, Izhora of NP 02 – mastics bituminous and polymeric hot application for sealing of cracks, seams, is more whole than pavings, floors of industrial rooms from concrete andasphalt concrete. For sealing of seams and cracks of airfield coverings. For isolation of metal, concrete, ferroconcrete, brick designs from soil corrosion, an atmospheric precipitation and ground waters. Wholesale prices, shipment to all regions of Russia.
    2015-02-17 / Moskva
  17. Polyurethane sealants
    Polyurethane sealants two-component: polyurethane Izhora sealant the operational range of temperatures from - 60C to 90C, polyurethane Ecoroom pu sealant 21 temperatures of operation from - 60C to 70C, polyurethane Ecoroom pu 22 sealant operation temperature from - 60C to 70C. Are applied to sealing of deformation seamsand cracks of buildings and constructions, for sealing of joints at facades and socles of panel buildings. Wholesale factory prices. Shipment to all regions of Russia.
    2015-01-16 / Moskva
  18. Mixes Perel
    Construction dry mixes Perel: waterproofing mix Perel Aquastop, heat-insulating masonry mix Perel TKS. Tiled glues: glue tiled Perel Basis, glue tiled Perel Blokus, glue tiled Perel Keramogranit, glue tiled Perel Premium, glue tiled Perel White. Plaster mixes: Perel Robust plaster,Perel TeploRob plaster, Perel Plast plaster, Perel TeploPlast plaster. Fillings: Perel Fasade filling, Perel Finish filling. Bulk floor: bulk floor of Perel Faster, bulk floor of Perel Express. Wholesale factory prices, shipment to all regions of Russia.
    2015-01-11 / Moskva
  19. Mixes Dauer
    Dry construction mixes Dauer: dry mix Dauer universal M-150, dry mix Dauer assembly and masonry M-200, dry mix Dauer peskobeton M-300, dry mix Dauer peskobeton M-400, Dauer M cement 500. Wholesale factory prices. Shipment to all regions of Russia.
    2015-01-10 / Moskva
  20. Mastics bituminous
    Mastics bituminous hot and cold application of Bitumast: MBP G Shm75, BP Dsh85, MB 50, MBR 100, MBR 90, MBR 75, MBR 65, BPG 50, BPG 35, BPG 25, KOV 65, mastic waterproofing, mastic kauchukobitumny, mastic rezinobitumny, mastic roofing. Wholesale prices, shipment to all regions of Russia.
    2015-01-06 / Moskva
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