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Список объявление в категории Энергоносители / ГСМ

  1. Predlagayu uslugi po stroitel`stvu avtozapravochnyh stancii` (AZS)

    2018-09-01 / Penza
  2. Postavki dizel`nogo topliva, benzina, kerosina, mazuta

    2018-08-09 / Moskva
  3. Predlagaem avtomaticheskie TRK dlya avtomatizacii toplivozapravschikov

    2018-07-22 / Penza
  4. Mazut M40 topochnyi`

    2018-05-16 / CHelyabinsk
  5. Svetloe pechnoe toplivo

    2018-05-16 / CHelyabinsk
  6. Pechnoe toplivo temnoe neftyanoe

    2018-05-16 / CHelyabinsk
  7. Maslo kamennougol`noe (kreozot) dlya propitki shpal zheleznodorozhnyh

    2018-05-16 / CHelyabinsk
  8. Dostavka dizel`nogo topliva po Moskve i Moskovskoi` oblasti

    2018-05-01 / Moskva
  9. Karbamid, selitra, vozmozhen jeksport.

    2018-03-10 / Har`kov
  10. Prodazha dizel`nogo topliva

    2018-02-28 / Saratov
  11. Prodayu drevesnye pellety!!!

    2018-01-12 / Dinskaya
  12. Industrial oils and lubricants of different function.
    Dear partners, the company "shopping Mall Alliance it is ready to provide you a wide line of various industrial oils, of different function and brands: ship, for the special-purpose equipment, etc. GOST (Rosneft, Devon of groups, Gazprom Neft, etc.) with delivery by barrels, canisters, in bulk. Filling pays off from volumeand terms of delivery. Bunkering is possible. Work on applications will provide to our partners the most exact and fast calculation of the prices of estimated volume.
    2017-10-27 / Vladivostok
  13. Oils and lubricants for JCB 3cx, 4cx, the loader with the return shovel available
    LLC Inter Oil offers to sale of oil and lubricant of Total for JCB, the loader with the return shovel. Lubricants of Total for excavators loaders: - oil for JCB 3cx, - oil for JCB 3cx Super, - oil for JCB 3cx ECO - oildly JCB 4cx - maslo dly JCB 3cx predlagaet analogi masel «Inter Oil» Elit OOO: JCB Crezvycainay Rabota, Masinnoe maslo Klimata Holoda JCB, Antifriz Vysokoi jffektivnosti JCB i Ingibitor/Voda & Letnii Hladagent/Voda, JCB Crezvycainay Rabota, Maslo Mehanizma JCB HD90, JCBMaslo mehanizma HP plys, svet JCB gidravliceskay zidkost`, smazocnoe maslo dly gidravliceskih sistem vysokoi jffektivnosti JCB, JCB gidravliceskii zidkii HP32, JCB zir HP, JCB special`nyi zir MPL-EP
    2017-09-22 / Sankt-Peterburg
  14. Modifier of friction Ultra Carb Special Technic High available, good prices
    Ultra Carb Special Technic High — the friction modifier which is specially developed for application in DVS working in the conditions of long high and variable loadings. Ultra Carb Special Technic High represents unique tribosostav high-pure carbon with qualitative base oils, the forming high-strength protectivewhat considerably reduces friction coefficient in knots and details. Existence in additive the funktsianalizirovannykh of groups of carbon maintains purity of the engine and prevents education low - and high-temperature deposits in the engine. Scope: Ultra Carb Special Technic High is developed for application in diesel enginesand all types of the equipment of a special purpose with high percussions and dynamic loadings working during the long time at the maximum load or in the mode acceleration/work idling. Delivery 24 hours, consultations of leading experts
    2017-09-22 / Sankt-Peterburg
  15. Compressor total dacnis SH 46 oil, always available, low price
    LLC OIL VL offers compressor synthetic Total dacnis sh 46 oils Synthetic lubricants of the Dacnis SH series are made on the basis of polyalphaolefins (public joint stock company). Oil is applied to air rotational compressors. Compressor DACNIS SH oil has the anticorking property which guarantees efficiencyoil filters during the long period (to 8000 mc). Synthetic Dacnis SH oil is substitute (analog) of a series of compressor Sigma Fluid oils for the equipment Kaeser, and also successfully replaces PAROIL S oil in the Atlas Copco compressors
    2017-09-22 / Sankt-Peterburg
  16. Purchase of sub-standard fuel oil, cleaning of tanks, utilization of petrowaste
    40 meters.
    2017-09-04 / Moskva
  17. DT TU, Pryamogon, DVM.
    DT TU(Sjra 0,4 vsp 55) - 32500 r/t Benzin prymogonnyi - 27800 r/t DVM- 41500 r/t Samara. Avtonaliv.
    2017-07-04 / Samara
  18. TU DT
    To DT.T Seurat (0,3) Density 820 Flash 45-50 Price 33500 Ó/t Saratov Avtonaliv
    2017-06-27 / Saratov
  19. Diesel fuel, straight-run gasoline, DVM
    Straight-run gasoline (ocm 60-62, sulfur 0,04) DT TU (sulfur 0,2, flash 50) AHOM (Additive High-octane Metanolny) of DT dark (sulfur to 1, density 0,850, flash 65)
    2017-06-15 / Samara
  20. Diesel fuel, DVM
    DT TU (sulfur 0,2, flash 50) 33 000 Ó/t Samara AHOM (Additive High-octane Metanolny) 41 500 Ó/t Togliatti
    2017-06-07 / Samara
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