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—писок объ€вление в категории ќборудование / ƒеревообробатывающее

  1. Lazernyi` ukazatel` propila dlya kromkoobreznogo stanka MLK-10

    2018-08-15 / Sankt-Peterburg
  2. Stanok dlya izgotovleniya profilirovannogo brusa SPBЦ200

    2018-08-15 / Sankt-Peterburg
  3. Rolikovye stoly

    2018-08-15 / Sankt-Peterburg
  4. Stanok zatochnoi` dlya diskovyh pil UZSЦ2

    2018-08-15 / Sankt-Peterburg
  5. Liniya pererabotki gorbyl`noi` doski TMЦ8

    2018-08-15 / Sankt-Peterburg
  6. Stanok kromkoobreznoi` prohodnogo tipa KM-350 (400)

    2018-08-15 / Sankt-Peterburg
  7. Stanok torcovochnyi` CTЦ400

    2018-08-15 / Sankt-Peterburg
  8. Torcovochnyi` stanok CT-450

    2018-08-15 / Sankt-Peterburg
  9. Stanki dlya pererabotki gorbylya GR-500, GR-630

    2018-08-15 / Sankt-Peterburg
  10. JElektronnaya linei`ka ZRK 5.1 dlya piloram

    2018-05-26 / Moskva
  11. Uglevyzhigatel`nye pechi.

    2018-03-10 / Sankt-Peterburg
  12. Liniya granulirovaniya 1500kg/chas

    2018-03-06 / Novosibirsk
  13. Okorochnyi` stanok VK 26

    2018-03-06 / Novosibirsk
  14. Liniya sortirovki kruglogo lesa Interlog AB

    2018-03-06 / Novosibirsk
  15. Liniya raspilovki Linck CSMK

    2018-03-06 / Novosibirsk
  16. Liniya sortirovki suhogo pilomateriala Nordautomation

    2018-03-06 / Novosibirsk
  17. Ventilyator dlya sushil`nyh kamer

    2018-02-09 / Vologda (Vologodskaya oblast`)
  18. lucsie raznoglasiy, onlain igray na den`gi
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    2017-11-30 / Biel
  19. Innovative infrared dryers for Fleksikhit wood
    Mobile tubeless dryers for wood from the Fleksikhit company are a modern way of high-quality drying of timber. Using them, you will be able to dry any volume of timber, quickly to influence and change the wood drying modes, at the same time coordinating with quality of initial timber. Among a number of advantagesuses of infrared technology of drying of wood, it is possible to note: mobility, safety, the affordable price, economy in energy consumption, small dimensions. Process of drying happens quickly and simply, at the same time wood keeps integrity and isn't deformed. Time of drying is from 3 to 10 days, 8%.
    2017-10-12 / YArovoe
  20. Equipment for heat treatment (thermomodification) of wood
    Thermomodification of wood happens at high temperature (170-220 °C) and lack of air, without any chemical additives, keeping the natural environmental friendliness and beauty. In the price of the equipment it is included: the camera of heat treatment, rail system with mechanical loading / unloading, automatic equipment. Costs of the electric power average250 kW on 1 cbm. wood for all cycle of modification. The recommended humidity of wood before thermal modification is 8 Ц 10%. The term of thermal modification of wood Ц 60 Ц 85 hours (depending on thickness and breed of wood). Camera of heat treatmentthe thick-walled case of 10 - 14 mm outside warmed screened (20 mm) and usual (100 mm) mineral wool, sheathed by sheets of a metalprofile has (thermomodifications) of wood. The heat chamber is equipped with automatic equipment which provides control of the temperature and hour conditions with high precision. Nagrevalny elements have maximumheat removal from electro ten that promotes economy of electricity and a uniform color of thermowood on length and height of a stack. The rail system has independent mechanical loading / unloading of a trolley for timber which is made by means of an electro reducer. Barrier fittings and a pipe for emissioncouple from stainless steel that provides the bigger term of operation. The hinged mechanism of a krishka of the camera is made in such a way that closing / opening is carried out by one worker. Zakryvny bolts external cap Ц for convenience of closing / opening of a cover. Prisloneny covers to the case it is provided by itin the way that to prolong service life of sealant twice (7 Ц 10 loadings). Sealant replacement very convenient and fast, thanks to guides on the camera case. Struptsinny mechanisms with convenient clips provide tough deduction of timber on all cycle of thermomodification that promotes to avoid a wood curvature.Qualitative silicone sealant and heat-resistant silicone for gluing, raise service life twice. The mounted side holder of a cap provides his deduction in open form. The enterprise tests the equipment in operating modes before departure to the Customer. We make control and start of the equipment, andalso we provide training of personnel. Each buyer is given the chance to visit our production, to get acquainted with prototypes on production base, to try the equipment on the material or a product. Always we will help, we will advise, we will share skilled information.
    2017-09-28 / Moskva
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Home / Equipment / processing of wood

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