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    4. Keramicheskie infrakrasnye keramicheskie obogrevateli Teploceramic

      2018-08-31 / Moskva
    5. Parovoi` kotel parogenerator v nalichii t do 185S, P do 1,0MPa

      2018-06-18 / CHelyabinsk
    6. Kotly, kotel`noe oborudovanie

      2018-06-07 / Sankt-Peterburg
    7. Kotly, kotel`nye

      2018-05-04 / Ekaterinburg
    8. Pechi kaminy kotly vagonka lipa

      2018-03-31 / Surgut
    9. To buy industrial coal coppers of long burning the Geyser
      The KZKO plant is engaged in production of a series of industrial coal coppers of long burning the Geyser and industrial wood solid propellant coppers. Industrial solid propellant coppers and industrial coppers of the 50 kW, 100 kW, 150 kW, 200 kW, 300 kW, 500 kW, 700 kW, 800 kW, 1 MW long burning and more. Coppers for greenhouses of a seriesExtra and DG, coppers for a boiler room, for heating of productions, shops, municipal authorities, coppers with automatic fuel supply, utilizers, kremator and many other things. Coppers in leasing on profitable terms! We will make to order for your needs. We propose complex solutions of systems of heating underkey for boiler rooms, productions, households, budgetary institutions, medical institutions, for small and large business, heating of production, industrial boiler rooms, etc. Our industrial coppers inexpensive, durable, effective also don't demand labor-consuming service. The KZKO plant is the large Russian producer of the industrial boiler equipment.Our coppers will provide with heat of the room and hot water. Simple installation and operation. We will make calculation of power of a copper under yours are necessary, we will pick up and we will make a copper, we will deliver and we will help with installation. Also we are engaged in modernization of the industrial boiler equipment and introduction in the existing system of heating.Call!
      2017-12-02 / Moskva
    10. Muzei nauk Iskusstva
      Istoriceskie mesta mira sobrano v bloge. Posetite razlicnye Lander i kontinenty, ucite tradiciy vmeste s nami. Bol`se cem desytki tysyc interesnyh mest v Landern naprimer: Banglades, Bahrein, Bolgariy, Albaniy, Bosniy i Gercegovinu, Botsvanu, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Argentinu,Vengriy i ese 187-E Landern mira. Putesestvovanie dorogu i dlinnyi!
      2017-11-21 / Berlin
    11. Cases are collector distributive
      Collector cases are intended for the hidden placement of distributive collectors, collector blocks of heating systems and the systems of water supply and also water counters and pumps.
      2017-11-20 / Velikie Luki
    12. Wall design convector
      The wall design convector Techno® Wall Glass with natural convection of the KDGZ series is equipped with the glass front panel on which the photo printing is applied. The drawing of a photo printing at choice of the customer will allow to turn the design convector into a stylish element of an interior or to make him absolutely imperceptible. The photo printing isn't subject to deformation andto burning out at operation. The convectors Techno® Wall Glass are connected both to centralized, and to the autonomous water system of heating. Are delivered completely ready to installation.
      2017-11-20 / Velikie Luki
    13. Floor design convector
      The floor design convector Techno® Vita Wood with natural convection of the KDWZ series – the decorative heating device manufactured of valuable breeds of a tree. It is applied to heating of dry rooms with the high need for heating. Is ideal for application in wooden houses and cottages. Wide choiceshades of a tree allows to enter the convector in any interior harmoniously. The convectors Techno® Vita Wood are connected both to centralized, and to the autonomous water system of heating. Are delivered completely ready to installation.
      2017-11-20 / Velikie Luki
    14. Convector bench
      The convector bench Techno® perfectly combines with natural convection of the KBZ series in itself the highly effective heating device and a convenient bench for rest. Is suitable for rooms with a big area of glazing and to high requirements to design.
      2017-11-20 / Velikie Luki
    15. Plintusny convector
      The Plintusny convector Techno® Board with natural convection of the KPLZ series – an innovative heating system of rooms. It can be used for ensuring high level of comfort when heating any objects. The compact imperceptible heating device with high profitability quickly and evenly distributes warm air inroom. Due to creation of "the thermal screen" reduces heatlosses through walls and the glazed surfaces, improves physical properties of materials of walls and floors, reduces probability of defeat of walls of rooms a mold. Excludes need of distributing of pipes of heating. The Plintusny convector is a finished product and is easily mountedon a wall along a floor instead of a usual plinth. Techno® Board will harmoniously fit into any interior.
      2017-11-20 / Velikie Luki
    16. Wall convector
      The wall convectors Techno® Wall with natural convection of the KSZ series – the modern ergonomic heating devices completely ready to installation. On the power and efficiency of heating wall convectors aren't inferior to bulky pig-iron radiator batteries, bimetallic radiators and the other systems of heating. Thanks to modern designand to small dimensions they perfectly fit into any interior.
      2017-11-20 / Velikie Luki
    17. Floor convector
      The floor convectors Techno® Vita with natural convection of the KPZ series – modern ergonomic heating devices of floor (wall) installation. Are ideal for rooms with panoramic glazing, low window sills, big and showcase windows. Thanks to a diverse line of the sizes of floor convectors it is possible to pick up heating preciselythe Techno® Vita device for any type of the room. Floor convectors in radial execution are made by the individual order. For production of the radial convector it is necessary to fill an order form, having specified the specifications necessary for determination of radius.
      2017-11-20 / Velikie Luki
    18. The built-in convector
      The Vnutripolny convectors Techno® are the heating devices, completely ready to installation, connected both to centralized, and to the autonomous water system of heating. As necessary convectors are completed with the tangential fans having a removable design which can be established independently, even after finishing of the room. Convectors withcan be established by the small height of the case in a superficial floor or a window sill.
      2017-11-20 / Velikie Luki
    19. Zone heaters for barrels
      Our company specializes many years in production and sale of zone heaters for barrels and capacities. It is possible to buy zone heaters which it is widely used for heating of barrels, canisters, buckets and other capacities from us. We guarantee existence and low price. Detailson our website or by phone.
      2017-10-18 / Miass
    20. Modern infrared ceiling Fleksikhit heaters
      The infrared ceiling Fleksikhit heater is a modern device, for heating of various rooms. Heaters are easily built in any ceilings and ceiling systems. Technical characteristics of ceiling Fleksikhit IK-heaters: the maximum temperature of the heater is 70 °C, power is from 140 to 400 W, tension 220In, are operated at a temperature from-50 to 40 °C, dimensions various, depending on ceiling system. Main advantages of ceiling heaters: fast heating, high level of safety, esthetic design, environmental friendliness, profitability mobility, simple installation. Using ceiling Fleksikhit heaters, you receive soft andcomfortable warmly indoors at the optimum price!
      2017-10-12 / YArovoe
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