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  • 1  sdelaite Vy Hotite svoi sobstvennyi minet gorla
    Dobryi den` sdelaite Vy Hotite svoi sobstvennyi minet gorla moe prozvise (Alina58) Kopiy svyz` i idete ko mne.... 8112211

  • 2  On a twine in 1,5 months На
    On a twine in 1,5 months! Or we will return you money! You consider that it is impossible? It's not true! Our trainer - the world champion in air gymnastics! On a photo, by the way, she. Professional approach of our trainer will allow you: 1. To sit downon a twine in 1,5 months! On condition of implementation of all recommendations. 2. To save your time! Our trainer can arrive to any the place, convenient for you. 3. To find a sound body! Flexibility very positively affects on health of an organism, especially women's. 4. Happydarling! Flexibility very much helps with the relations.

  • 3  Services of a brovist, biowave, lamination of eyelashes
    Obsluzivanie brovista Da, kotoryi gruz, biozavivka, okrasivaet eaveses, regulytory kosmetolog.

  • 4  The house Hoz of construction the Orchard is on sale Продается
    The house with all conveniences is on sale Are available hoz constructions and an orchard

  • 5  Service and car repairs Обслуживание
    Service and repair of the Japanese, Korean and domestic cars. Diagnostics and repair of a running gear of cars. Replacement - Account liquids - GRM Belts - automatic transmissions Liquids - Selection of spare parts

  • 6  new

  • 7  The shop of building materials is given
    The shop of building materials the area of 60 sq.m an office - 12 sq.m the utility room - 30 sq.m the central sewerage, a toilet is leased. The platform, canopies on the street - 450 sq.m re-equipment under other direction is possible

  • 8  Sublease of office
    Subaoenda ofisa na pervuy polovinu dny(24kv.m), r-n "Russkoe polet"

  • 9  To buy a reducer on a press Kyrgyzstan
    In shop of Traktorozapchast all spare parts on a press Kyrgyzstan are presented to PS 1,6. Shops are located in the cities of Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Pyatigorsk, Stavropol, the item of Yanino of the Leningrad region, Mytishchi the Moscow region, Yeysk, Novorossiysk, Simferopol, village Crimea, in these settlements you can buy spare partsto Kyrgyzstan from the Dealer of the Kyrgyz plant on release the tyukovalnykh of cars for hay. We will send to any city of Russia transport company Business Lines, PEK, RATEK, Russian Post and others at your choice. We will deliver any freight to transport company Absolutely Free of charge. News! Nowourselves can repair the knitting device on a press Kyrgyzstan and adjust your press a sorter. Our main specialization is a press sorters from Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Russia, Germany, the USA, Poland and other countries of the World. Attention! To all pensioners having the farm, any spare partsto Kyrgyzstan we release at wholesale price. Your manager and chief engineer of firm Gennady Grigoryevich.

  • 10  Easy and convenient way of a side job Простой
    We connect to Yandex, I Will move away also Get. At connection we give up to 1000 rubles on balance. We have the lowest % of orders!! We is an official partner and the authorized dealer of service of Yandex of the Taxi and also is an official partner of Uber. sothe direct contract with Gett Connection to services of Yandex of the Taxi, Uber and Gett Low interest %%% is A LOT OF ORDERS

  • 11  Business of service in the Czech Republic, immigration
    Registration of firms in the Czech Republic, sale of ready firms. Immigration services, opening of the bank account in the Czech Republic, the translations of documents with notarial assurance. The real estate in the Czech Republic, legal execution of transactions. Visas to the Czech Republic, multivisas. Registration of nationality in one of the European Union countries.

  • 12  MK brand microcalcite. Микрокальцит
    Microcalcite of the MK brand, the highest quality with observance of all details of production. Choice of a whiteness of 86-98%, High quality of a product and its storage, Big range of application, Fraction from 1 to 500 microns. Hydrophobic brands of Mikrokaltsit for PVC. Motor transport, railroad.

  • 13  The franchize of state procurements with a payback guarantee
    If you in search of successful profitable business with fast payback, then the franchize "TenderStuff" - the most suitable option. The franchize of tenders costs 350 000 rub and its profitability from 200 000 rub pays off completely in 3 months, and. Analogs this offerin the market there are no ready businesses today. Why it is favorable to be engaged in state procurements: 1. The state allocates over 6 trillion rubles for needs of the organizations. The organizations any purchases are obliged to make through tenders. Tender platforms are in open access for everyone.2. Low competition. It is real to win tenders for the sum of 600-800 thousand rubles because for large players of the market it is kopeks. 3. It isn't necessary to be engaged in deliveries or production. When you win the tender, it is enough to you to find subcontractor who will perform work for you cheaper. Hereyou act as the customer, you pay the contractor, and you take away a difference in 20-60% to themselves. All trade consists in competent submission of documents and negotiations with subcontractors. 4. The first profit on 190 000 rub in 28 days from the moment of signing of the contract of the franchisee. Inthe contract of the franchize of state orders the guarantee of a prize of 2 tenders in a month is recorded. 5. Acquiring the franchize of state orders of Tenderi you receive complex training and the help in business. 85% of work become for you. 6. Aren't necessary publicity expenses, the equipment, a salary of employees, rent of office.Everything that is necessary for start - it is to learn to participate in state. auction. Having invested only 350 000 rub including in own training, you with guarantee receive working business with profitability from 200 000 rub a month and payback3 months. You obtain a guarantee for 2 won tenders in a month, the guarantee is recorded in the contract. Call by the specified phone or write on the e-mail address for obtaining the detailed business plan. * The number of franchize packages is limited.

  • 14  I SELL 3-K APARTMENT in Sevastopol
    The 3-roomed apartment is on sale. 5th floor of 5 floor houses. The roof is tent. Czech. Rooms are separate: 12, 20.2, 9.2. The bathroom is separate. Tile. Kitchen working wall tile. The geyser is the Italian. Counters on gas and water. The balcony and a loggia are glazed. Internet. Satellite television. Heatingcentral. Refuse chute. On-door speakerphone. Nearby large market, hospital complex, stops of public transport. Journey to any point of the city is available. All documents are processed. Sale through AN Dobromir.

  • 15  The decision in 1 days Решение
    For the first time the offer from the security service specialist. I work with the best banks, I select bank which will suit you on the sum, an interest rate, term and the general conditions. I work with the citizens who are in the black list, the stop-list, the having long delays, andalso jobless. We will agree upon my commission upon, will depend on bank, complexity of execution of your application and carrying out it on system. I take payment for the work only after receiving the credit for hands. Write and zvonite8-965-345-94-44!!! I will consider any region, I will carry outthe application in 1 days!

  • 16  To order the thesis in Perm Заказать
    Writing of the thesis takes away a great lot of time and forces. Increased requirements are imposed to the diploma especially in technical specialties! It is independently heavy to execute them, it is work much more on volume and surely has to contain a graphic part with drawings! For this reason the majority inclineordering the thesis on construction, architecture and to release time for preparation for examinations. It is much simpler and more convenient to order the thesis on architecture! To order the thesis on construction, architecture in Perm on our website "perm-diplom5" or by phone(8-922-368-16-67) – the optimal solution which will save you from sleepless nights and will save a lot of time! It very conveniently is already included in cost implementation of drawings! Drawings also the Compass 3D is feasible in thin lines (will look as "by hand") in programs of AutoCAD,and also Visual and others! To order the thesis on construction, architecture you can also having contacted in our office the address Monastyrskaya St., 15, office 104. Mail:

  • 17  I sell antiques, vintage products and objects of old times.
    I will sell: Antiquarian silver, pocket and vintage watch, antiquarian, vintage jewelry and other antiques. 1500 lots available.

  • 18  The record book of KUBGAU addressed to Nosov Dmitry Sergeyevich is lost I ask to consider invalid
    The record book #164120 KUBGAU addressed to Nosov Dmitry Sergeyevich the direction of preparation 40.04.01 Law is lost

  • 19  Permanent make-up (Permanent make-up) Перманентный
    Services of a permanent make-up (Permanent make-up) Discount of 15% till 20.07.17. Eyebrows: - A dusting, "powdery" eyebrows - 6000 rub - 6D hairs, (mikrobleyding) - 6000 rub. Shooters: - Interciliary space - 4000 rub - the Arrow interciliary space- 5-6 thousand rubles - the Arrow with a shadow interciliary space - 6000 rub. Lips: - A contour - 3000 rub - the Contour filling with color - 6000 rub. Correction: - Correction of others work 3000 -6000 rub free consultation of the Master Is (by agreement) provided.

  • 20  Printing house in Sevastopol Типография
    The offset, large-format press in Sevastopol

  • 21  hitema chiller with air cooling Чиллер
    I will sell the Italian chiller of HITEMA on spiral compressors or screw with air or water cooling of the condenser. Portable cold. with the built-in hydromodule. Fiorini tanks. Carel Pco.Dixell control unit. Compressor Copeland, Danfoss. R410A freon. Air the compressor and dehumidifiers to 10 bars, preparation of compressed air.Guarantee.

  • 22  I will lease the 2-roomed apartment near the sea "turnkey" in Yevpatoria
    I WILL LEASE the 2-roomed apartment by the sea "turnkey" in Yevpatoria of Srednyaya St. of 15 for a family of 3-7 people it is possible with children, with all conveniences: the bathtub and a toilet combined kitchen with the gas stove with all necessary ware and a microwavefor independent cooking, hot and cold water round the clock, washing machine automatic machine. Two separate convenient rooms with TVs, the conditioner, good furniture, WIFI, rooms: the 1st big room - 16 sq.m, the 2nd room a bedroom too with the sq.m TV 7, kitchen of 5 sq.m,corridor hall of 4 sq.m. The apartment is located in a resort part of the city distance to the sandy beach of 10 minutes of walking, Tsentralnaya Embankment, shops, cafe, restaurants nearby. Rent cost a day of 1300 rubles.

  • 23  Apartments in the residence Palais Maeterlinck Nice Апартаменты
    Sale of elite apartments in the resort of Nice in the luxurious residence Palais Maeterlinck. Apartments, apartments in the luxurious Palais Maeterlinck palace on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea in Nice, with a fascinating view of the water area of the resort. The residence Palais Maeterlinck on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea inTo Nice. Sale and rent of apartments from the Cofrance company.

  • 24  I will sell the SIGNALLING DEVICE of the MEMBRANE TYPE of SUMY LEVEL продам
    Signaling devices (sensors) of level membrane type of SUMY according to specifications are intended for control of level of grain and other similar loose products in production capacities, bunkers and drifts. However, as shows the analysis of the consumer market, a scope of such devices considerablymore widely. Signaling devices buy not only the enterprises of agro-industrial complex, but also the enterprise of the mining and food industry, the plants on production of construction materials, carriers of loose freights, and even fishery vessels of the Far East. Use of new modern materials for production of a membrane cloth has allowed to raiseaccuracy of operation of a signaling device. Sensors which are installed in the zernoprovodakh and the transporting mechanisms are equipped with membranes with the increased wear resistance. Simplicity of a design of this device ensures his reliable and no-failure functioning in operation. Parameters Norma Napryazheniye of alternating current, B 220 Current, A 2Frequency of current, Hz 50 Effort of operation, N of 0,5±20% Probability of no-failure operation in 2000 hours of an operating time, not less than 0,94 the Established trouble-free operating time, cycles, not less than 30000 Middle service life, years 10 Weight, kg, no more than 0,45 Execution on degree of protection a coverIpskay 65

  • 25  Course "Color design. Basic." Курс
    Course "Color design. Basic." The course is included into the training program of Pivot Point Basic. You can complete all course, to become the multi-skilled hairdresser and to begin to work! Only in a summer course - professional development on fashionable colourings - as a gift! The hairdresser's course "Colouring Bases" by the international technique of PivotPoint. For beginners and masters with small experience. Professional development, worth 16000 rubles – technicians satus, balayz, 3-D coloring, brondirovaniye-as a gift! Upon termination of a course to participants the certificate and the textbook on coloring is issued. A course for the beginning masters and for those,who feels the need to study up Upon termination of a course to participants the international certificate of Pivot Point is issued. For obtaining the certificate it is necessary to pass test. The course passes in total 92 academician. Hour Summer Bonus! A course of increase in qualification - as a gift! With 20 iyulya-Novye technology of division for a lungresult (rhombus, square, golden ratio, the orbital equipment) of 12 ways of preliminary processing of hair before coloring. Technology of coloring of the leading world schools: 3D effect, extension, satus, balayz, brondirovaniye. Tendencies in color design of world schools Effects of impact of color on a form Daily practical working off onmodels. Passing a test. Is included the Textbook Pivot Point with theoretical information and practical exercises on color design in the price. The head dummy for working off. For the period of training the support and expendables is provided. Record by phone: (843) 226-39-38

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