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  • 1  Life hack - how to earn on 50tr in month and more Лайфхак
    Dear friends!

  • 2  Executive documentation, Engineer pto, vent. facade Исполнительная
    Execution of executive documentation. Calculation of amounts of works and materials. Acts for the hidden works. Distant work on maintaining executive documentation. Payment for services depends on volume and terms of performance of work. I will make the project on the ventilated facade (calculation of volumes, an apportion of arms, systems, facings)

  • 3  High-quality moving. Skilled loaders. Качественный
    We provide services of loaders and General workers! From 1 to 30 persons. Helpers on construction works. Concrete works. Raising of construction material, loose mixes. Cleaning of rooms of the territory. Construction and household debris. Pogruzo discharging. Shipment of trucks, cars, containers. Peretarka, packing. Room andoffice moving. Digging of trenches, ditches, septic tanks. Dismantling of structures, tiles, etc. All working Russians. Are ready to any works. You call us and we will agree. We work round the clock. Quickly and qualitatively. Are ready to work under dispatching %

  • 4  Transport company. Транспортная
    Transport freight transportation. We offer loadings for your transport from different regions of the Russian Federation. Loadings for small and large-capacity car. From 1 to 20 t. Timely payment in short terms. Fast loading unloading, maintenance and control. The company exists in the market of a cargo transportation with2000. ATI 29045 code.

  • 5  Services in the sphere of freight transportation. Услуги
    The transport company, offers services in transportation of your freight. Transportation of food, furniture, alcoholic and soft drinks and different types of freights. Tentovanny cars and refrigerators from 1 to 20 tons. Volume is 40-90 m3. Transportations across all Russia. Insurance of freight. ATI 29045 code.

  • 6  I will sell the card in fitness club Quantum, Sokolniki
    I will sell the card in fitness club Quantum, Moscow, Sokolniki. It isn't activated, 12 months, unlimited visit from 7:00 till 24:00.

  • 7  Transportation of freight. Quality control. Перевозка
    The Reftrans group of companies offers services in transportation of your freight. Insurance of freight. Transportation of food, furniture, alcoholic and soft drinks and different types of freights. Tentovanny cars and refrigerators from 1 to 20 tons. Volume is 40-90 m3.

  • 8  Tow 112
    The Tow 112 organization is engaged in various towage. The modern equipment allows to solve many problems easily. Experienced workers, everything will make quickly for the minimum payment. We offer services not only towages you can order unloading of the truck from us manipulators, services of the tractor. Also we providework of cargo mounting, the emergency help to motorists on the route. It is possible to examine contacts on the website.

  • 9  Spravka 2-NDFL
    We prepare a package of documents for receiving the credit with confirmation. Execution of service records. The help in obtaining seniority with entering in the service record. The help in obtaining the reference 2NDFL for the credit with confirmation.

  • 10  We sell a wire of Art. 70 spring
    We offer a wire spring. Parties from 150 kg. Our company works within 12 years at the market of hardware production. We realize: ropes steel, wire of different function, grids, fasteners, welding electrodes. All steel products are stored in the closed warehouse, shipment of steel productsit is carried out from the warehouse. The quality of all production is confirmed with certificates of manufacturers. We support constant existence of all above-stated range of hardware production in a warehouse with the purpose of ensuring timely deliveries and high-quality shipments to consumers.

  • 11  The diploma was lost
    The diploma of VSG 2313304 the registration number 3-24008 was lost

  • 12  Y nenavizu
    y imey horosii, trahaytsy

  • 13  We realize Gamma-butirolakton of 2018 (Gbl, Gbl) Wholesale/retail Реализуем
    We realize Gamma-butirolakton (GBL, GBL). Reagent of the European production of the highest degree of purity of 99.9% (OChS). Wholesale/retail. We provide responses. We send samplers. The request to write only on the contacts specified on the website

  • 14  Microcalcite. Микрокальцит
    Microcalcite of the MK brand, the highest quality with observance of all details of production. Choice of whiteness of 86-98%, High quality of the prodkt and its storage, Big range of application, Fraction from 1 to 500 microns. The hydrophobic Mikrokaltsita brands for PVC. Motor transport, railroad.

  • 15  Marble crumb - all fractional row / Мраморная
    Marble crumb - all fractional number from 0,2 to 3 mm. Production of narrow fractions. Choice of whiteness of 86-98%, High quality of a product and its storage. Observance of requirements for humidity. Motor transport, railroad.

  • 16  Buy and live
    I will sell the 1-roomed apartment, 42,5 sq.m, the room 21, 5, kitchen 8. The new system, is made repair, the South. Or I will hand over without furniture.

  • 17  To extend the Gazelle with a body
    The company of AUTOTHAT provides various services in re-equipment of trucks of the Russian and import production. One of the main activities is lengthening of Gazelles of all models. At us it is possible to extend the Gazelle Gas 3302, to extend the Gazelle the Farmer, and the Gazelle of Next (Nekst). Lengthening of a frame LengtheningGazelles includes 2 types of re-equipment: • Lengthening of a frame. To establish a body of the necessary length, we make lengthening of the chassis of Gazelles where lengthening of the frame, the driveshaft, conducting, the brake system enters. The frame is extended by means of inserts extenders from high-strength frame steel whichconnects to a frame by means of rivets. In need of or at the request of the customer, we make strengthening of a frame in places of the greatest loading. • Production and installation of body superstructures. On the extended frame we can establish an open onboard body, the eurovan with gate, manufactured goods or isothermalthe van, the grain van, the van shop trailer or to establish the evakuatorny platform. Our advantages We carry out re-equipment of trucks for already more than 10 years, and have during this time acquired wide practical experience and knowledge which with success we use in our activity. Allwith it, we provide services in full registration of re-equipment of the vehicle in GAI with entering of the corresponding mark into PTS. All works are performed in the conditions of the certified production on which we provide a guarantee of 12 months and we carry out post-guarantee maintenance of our products. Onyou call questions on t. 8-930-679-53-33 Natalya

  • 18  Glazing of a balcony on 1 ruble Остекление
    GLAZING of the BALCONY ON 1 RUBLE! A legendary action now and in Tula! The first and only online network of Glazing of balconies and windows the Best prices across all Russia! Till December 17 manage to take away the balcony for 1 ruble!!! Website of the company" Contacts: 89107042676 Dmitry

  • 19  I will transport your freight on Valdai
    I will transport freights to 3,5 tons across Tatarstan and the nearby cities of Russia.

  • 20  Removal of the websites from search
    Hello Dear owner of the website of Yandex has updated on December 9 search delivery. After updating, more than 5000 websites, for use of purchased references have been removed from search of Yandex. Most likely it "big cleaning" and toNew Year, Yandex some more thousands of the websites "Will punish". We advise to check yours of the website for existence in search delivery of Yandex. If you advance the website by means of purchased references, we Advise to refuse themand to pass to references from forums and other open sources since references from forums are more natural. If you aren't ready to refuse sharply purchased references, we Advise you to Dilute the Reference profile of your website, for the accountreferences from forums. so you will be able, somehow to secure your website. You can order references from forums from us. Payment is made only After implementation of the order. We work since February, 2017 and more1000 people have already chosen us for advance. Don't risk Health of your website and try to dilute as soon as possible his Reference profile, references from forums. How to avoid problems and to protect the website,read here:

  • 21  Studiya, 23 m², 5/14 jet.
    OWNER. I will sell the studio apartment in Anapa. Area "Nut Grove", beach High coast. Number of school, kindergarten, stop. The developed infrastructure. Near the sea, a row the park the Nut Grove. Finishing is prefair, walls plaster. Windows of plasticity, a balcony it is glazed. To the sea of 10 minutes. Builder of Ltd company"KT "the cascade and To".

  • 22  Training in labor protection and professional development Обучение
    LLC Bitreyd - the company which is professionally engaged in the organization of process of training for professional development of experts of the different directions and level of training. 8 years in the market of the narrow educational sphere are a serious experience. The training center Bitreyd suggests to be trained on labor protectionand also to receive: the admission on electrical safety the certificate on earthwork the certificate of PTM the admission on height the admission to the thermal Undergo Short-term Professional Development installations on - to construction - to engineering researches -to design - ecology - professional development of the Ministry of Emergency Situations - to the address with hazardous waste - the certificate on fire safety (72 h). The technological department of the Bitreyd company offers for the organizations: - magazines on labor protection and safety measures- the magazine on fire safety - magazines for conducting construction activity - the general magazines of works (RD, KS, Construction Norms and Regulations, IGASN) Blanca of certificates for independent filling with the internal commission: - on electrical safety - fire technically to a minimum -to labor protection - to thermal installations

  • 23  I will sell a baby carriage of Quatro Makalu 4 (a transformer 2 in 1) Poland! Продам
    This reliable and comfortable chair for your kid. Winter-summer. In an excellent state. The carriage has presentable appearance, very bright and beautiful, is suitable both for the girl and for the boy. There are no big scratches, fabric as new - not burned outalso it isn't rubbed. There are a bag and a raincoat. All parts made of cloth are removed and even if absolutely to remove laziness - everything is cleaned by a sponge. Very easy-to-control and maneuverable (the easy aluminum chassis and running affects bearings unlike the cheap Chinese). Big inflatablewheels will provide high passability even on bumpy roads with a possibility of fixing, the handle with the adjustable height and a tilt angle, is equipped with the mechanism for transformation. Really, she is created for conquest of any roads and the directions! Compactly it develops - a transforming. To the child in her it is very cozy,and in the winter – heat! Sale reason: the child has grown up. I regret that has late bought this carriage. (To her I was absolutely uncomfortable, simplified Chinese). Call, write - we will agree! The carriage with the kind soul looks for the little owner!

    We will accept the charitable help for homeless animals. Are always necessary: blankets, covers, a carpet, warm clothes, cat food and dogs, grain, trays, filler, collars, drops from fleas, shampoos, syringes, bandage, rags on diapers. VOLUNTEERS

  • 25  Cleaning company Chistoray Клининговая
    The cleaning company Chistoray offers you not expensive and high-quality cleaning of houses

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