Site geology


The JSC Geoekostroyanaliz company professionally is engaged many years in complex researches among which the geology of sites is considered one of the major researches. The geology of a site is necessary for obtaining objective data on possibility of carrying out on a site of construction works and degree of suitability of a site to accommodation on itall data on site geology, there is an opportunity qualitatively to calculate designs of an estimated construction, considering features of a site and forecasts for possible geological changes which can happen during construction and operation of object. If to ignore geological researches, it can be connected with unpleasantand often difficult removable consequences: cracks of walls of a structure, distortions and deformations of designs, rupture of engineering networks and other troubles. Therefore without work on research of geology of a site to start design and furthermore, to construction it is impossible. At work on researchhigh level, the carrying out similar works possessing an extensive experience equipped with the most modern equipment. Without studying of geology of a site it is impossible to decide on real possibility of carrying out construction works in this territory, on type of the base and depth of its bedding, other design features of the planned object. Expenseson geology of a site are with interest compensated to that the customer will manage to save on purchase of materials and lack of excess works.

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